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JavaScript / Images and Media

zPopout - Animated JQuery img tag enlargement box

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Enlarge any img tag element in your site with just a click. With zPopout it doesn’t matter where on the page your img lays, it will automatically calculate and display an animation of the image growing in size. There are several styles and enlargement animations.

zPopout is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is addonload=’$(this).zPopout();’to your IMG tag. You can then customize the settings and styles of the current IMG tag.


<img src="someimage.jpg" onload="$(this).zPopout({style:'default'});" />


preload = (can be true of false,  [Default: true])
If the bigger image should be preloaded when the website loads.

duration = (In Milisecods can by any integer above 1,  [Default: 500])
The amount of time it takes to enlarge the image.

duration3d = (In Milisecods can by any integer above 1,  [Default: 500])
The amount of time it takes to enlarge the image with 3d style such as 3d-spin.

style = ("default", "3d-spin", "3d-diamond", "3d-diamondinvert", "2d-spin",  [Default: "default"])
Sets the enlargement animation style. (Note: 3d styles can only be used on Chrome, other browsers will only see default animation)

borderstyle = ("default", "zrounded_white", "zrounded_black",  [Default: "default"])
Sets the border style of the enlarged image.

title = (Can be any string,  [Default: ""])
This option allows you to add a text overlay to the enlarged image.

titleposition = ("bottom", "top", "bottom_rounded", "top_rounded",  [Default: "top"])
Sets the position of the Text overlay when enlarged.

background = (can be true of false,  [Default: true])
True/ False if the enlargement process should have half transparent dim black background.

overlay = (can be true of false,  [Default: true])
True/ False if the unenlarged image should have a mouse hover effect.

customsrc = (Can be any string url,  [Default: ""])
This option allows you to add a custom image to be enlarged rather than the original IMG tag's src.

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4 February 13

Last Update:
4 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


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