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HTML5 / Canvas

Zeppelin Broadcast Instant Messages

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Wats new (v1.1)

See Live Preview!
* Open WWW hyperlinks by clicking on the Zeppelin.
* Holiday Special – “Mistletoe” badge
* Hover effect
* Bug fixes and timing improvements!... etc



Sending a custom common message to a large audience simultaneously.

What is Zeppelin Broadcasting?

An animated balloon (the Zeppelin) appears to float across the browser window, slows down slightly, displays a message and then flies away. Multiple people that are currently viewing the webpage see the zeppelin and get the message more or less simultaneously. See [Video Demo/Preview]

Who broadcasts messages and who reads them?

An admin page called “the control room” allows an admin user to set the message text and switch the broadcasting ON/OFF. When the admin switches the broadcasting to ON, all the client browser windows see the zeppelin fly across their screen and the message that it displays.
Play with it: Live Demo/Preview
NOTE: Brace yourself since multiple other "admins" maybe twiddling the zeppelin controls just as yourself! Have fun!

How easy is it to get started with Zeppelin Broadcasting?

Embed the zeppelin in your PHP code like so:

 <?php include "ZeppelinManager.php"; $zm = new ZeppelinManager; $zm->zeppelin();?> 
Fire up this page in a browser and you will see the zeppelin flying message with the default parameters. In a separate browser window open the zeppelin-control-room.php and customise the broadcasting!

Which Zeppelin properties can the admin control from the control room?

  • Swtich ON/OFF broadcasting states.
  • Message text content.
  • WWW Hyperlink.
  • Period/delay between repeated zeppelin flying events.
  • Font size
  • Transparency of the zeppelin and the message callout.

How “instant” are the broadcasted zeppelin instant messages?

As of v1.1 it takes up to 5s for the newly updated zeppelin messages/properties to take effect from the control room.

All this is implemented in an easy to use PHP class that encapsulates the HTML5/Javascript based logic used to render this animation and manage the broadcasting process.

Happy Broadcasting! :-)

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22 November 12

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Firefox, Opera, Chrome

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JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

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