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.NET / Miscellaneous

zButton for WindowsForms

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zButton for WindowsForms - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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zButton is a.NET themed button that can generate Adobe Photoshop like buttons. The zButton can lay on any image with high quality transparency. The zbutton Can have glowing text as well as glow animations when your mouse hovers it or leaves it. The zButton can be used with C# and immediately.

Easy to use and implement:

All you need to to is just drag and drop it into your project and your all set. You can then change its theme and properties visually with Visual studio.

Features and Control Properties:

  • BorderColor: Sets/Gets the Color of zButton Border
  • BorderGlowType: Set/Gets the border glow type
  • FillRounded: Sets/Gets boolean
  • GlowAnimationSpeed: Sets/Gets the glow animation speed.
  • GlowColor: Sets/Gets the color of the outer Glow
  • GlowText: Sets/Gets the String value TEXT of the zButton
  • GradientColor: Sets/Gets the Gradient color of the current theme
  • GradientDirection: Sets/Gets the Gradient direction type
  • GradientEnable: Sets/Gets boolean if gradient is on/off
  • GradientStrength: Sets/Gets the strength of the gradient Integer.
  • RoundRadius: Sets/Gets the rounded corners of the zButton.
  • TextGlowColor: Sets/Gets the color of the glow on text.
  • TextGlowIntensity: Sets/Gets the intensity of the Glow
  • TextGlowType: Sets/Gets the text glow type
  • ThemeColor: Sets/Gets the color of zButton’s Main Theme color
  • ThemeOpacity: Sets/Gets zButton’s Opacity/Transparency on objects.
  • ToggleState: Sets/Gets the Toggle state type
  • Toggled: Sets/Gets Boolean if the zbutton is toggled or not.

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10 October 11

Last Update:
13 October 11

Files Included:
Visual Basic VB, C# CS

Software Version:
.NET 2.0,.NET 3.0,.NET 3.5,.NET 3.7,.NET 4.0


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