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YouTube Pro

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About YouTube Pro

YouTube Pro – Everything you need to manage your movies in your blog.

YouTube Pro is a great new plugin for WordPress 3.0! Upload, edit and delete your movies without leaving you blog! And that’s not all! You can change the appearance of your player.

Once you have imported all your movies over from YouTube to WordPress, you never have to leave your blog again.

Demo Video


  • 1-Click install
  • Import your videos from YouTube
  • Add new videos – 1
  • Edit your existing videos – 2
  • Delete videos from WordPress or YouTube
  • Custom player appearance
  • Quick video insert into your post using the WordPress “Upload/Insert” feature.
  • Use YouTube Pro for your videos and others.
  • Update checker

The package

When you download the plugin from it will contain the YouTube Pro plugin. The most optimal Zend package has been included within the plugin in order to use Zend in combination with WordPress.

Want to see more?

Feel free to leave a comment with a feature request. I will see what I can do!


Please use the forum or use the contact form on my profile page

1 – This will store the video information in the database for quick loading. All data will be loaded from YouTube when adding a video to your post.

2 – You can add/edit/delete your own videos. Videos that are not yours can only be removed from WordPress.

Requirements (IMPORTANT)

Please MAKE sure your hosting has the requirements to use YouTubePro!

Zend Framework

YouTube Pro makes use of the Zend Framework. This is required to make use of the YouTube API . See the following link for the Zend Requirements


This plugin is only supported by PHP 5 .2.4 or later.

WordPress 3.0

This plugin makes use of the latest features of WordPress 3.0. Therefore it will not work with older versions.

Developer Key

In order to upload movies to YouTube, you need to have a developer key. You can get your developer keyhere

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YouTube Pro Regular License

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8 July 10

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8 July 10

Compatible Browsers:
Chrome 4, Chrome 5, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera

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