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YourNews - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Are you ready to build your news system without any programming experience? You don’t have RSS or WP news feed but still you like to add news to your application? Your solution is YourNews!!!. This project brings a respective news feed with image slideshow, thumbnails, sharing and ect … Google Clthd thIO 14t the Poon. thod Pod 000gi. Help. lOS Developer.. thaI lab d,oW001.O h.i saPs rot,n I0PiCO Microsoft Palo. Whidows iia Preview Jun. Ikc,oec5.ed waW.,. 4el v.L.G. Vlvoea Sb,. Display iPad Mini Start Me. 14w Paba Dea abi The Sims AnflOunCnd for Mac and ind A10do,thed thaI The Sen. Cal cethy drrWotwnrI 1.100., 201 Plntrest App Gets Ability Pb4 aes been CdX.d wth abler l0w.d.fl 5I1 p.41 n0et recw.e ewab a14 lAaksd Photo Holds Lumla 925 tabdal bee peeled lb5edfd 54mthW 1041, NOb.e be. eepe01qd lomWow. amazon Flipboard Update Flipboard has been updated with new profile pages. new Fnends categofy, improved sharing. Facebook Pages Man. Facebook has added back detailed post insights its Pages Manager app

Features :

  • Respective UI
  • No Programming required
  • No RSS feed required (THIS IS NOT RSS READER)
  • Universal and iPhone 5 Ready
  • Retina display
  • Scrollable slideshow
  • ARC
  • Shake device to reload news
  • Thumbnail images
  • Offline and Online projects are available
  • PSD UI and icon
  • Xib/Nib interface

How it works? :

YourNews uses plist database which you should upload to your website, You have to manually update this whenever you want new news up and then display them in tableview in a respective way!! [For more information please read PDF guideline ]

Browsing :

Tap on one of the news and then you can continue to reading, also you able to share news to Facebook, Twitter, and send as email and message ( works only on real device ). To open sharing function hold down on screen. floard Update Brings Ncw Friends CategOry. Image Saving wcUe rpp cap nrcc w,Hm l4cj T,Ipm4b Whirs N., Till. V.rl.or Lit meiWmsC QicIil lrj C1N. S.N.tacmllalt lw. mma3 messa S.s, lip 51.we lliei SSS IQm.iI CARRIER Lauren iews

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16 May 13

Last Update:
14 October 13

Files Included:
.h,.m,.pch,.xib/.nib, Layered PSD

Mobile OS:
IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0, IOS 6.1.x


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