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XGal - High End Gallery Machine

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XGal - High End Gallery Machine - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Short description XGal 1.3 2010-03-12

XGaI High End Gallery Machine Download 12. Mar Regular Licence Licence Certificate XGaII2 Get notified email this item updated doni orS tale! Aci,vaIe INs your nofified

New since V1.3: added missed logout option/function, added Pretty Photo Gallery – all updates can be found detailed further down in the changelog

New since V1.2: added 2nd upload option for multiple files (conf) – all updates can be found detailed further down in the changelog

XGal offers you the possibility manage your images and lets you create galleries with a few clicks automatically.

Demo: User: admin Pass: secret


  • MODREWRITE and MySQL – driven gallery maker
  • Multiple Picture Upload using SWFUpload
  • Multiple Picture Upload using JUpload since V1.2
  • Rotate images
  • Categorize images
  • Manage your image-categories
  • Edit image descriptions for a couple of images in one form
  • Preview images in defined sizes (defined by you)
  • Create/Edit and delete galleries
  • Add title and text passages to your galleries
  • Define colors for your galleries
  • Deactivate and activate your galleries
  • Assign pictures to your galleries
  • Sort images by id, filename, image-descriptions ascending and descending
  • Sort images via drag & drop (modified tool-man) or JS-less (setting in conf.php)
  • All galleries are using the CoolIris TM features automatically / dynamic RSS-Feed
  • and much more … try it out


  • mysql 5.x – database
  • php-5.x
  • installed gd-library
  • enabled apache mod_rewrite

Current Version XGal 1.3 2010-03-12

Updates V1.3 2010-03-12

  • Added missing logoutlink
  • Added PrettyPhoto Gallery
  • Added sample unordered list output
  • Updated help file

Updates V1.2 2010-02-27

  • Added possibility to use JUpload instead of SWFUpload

Updates V1.12 2009-12-16

  • Fixed color assignation of the headline for the output gallery #1 -> gal.php
  • Added $stodo Variable (wasn’t defined until now) -> header.php

Updates V1.11 2009-08-02

  • Fixed redeclaration of imagerotate

Visitors since Mar 21st 2010 See 2,977 L62O 1273 245 214 192 I62O I4O1 259 217 I193 161 10,515 FLAG

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30 July 09

Last Update:

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x


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