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WpApp: iPhone app for WordPress

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WpApp: iPhone app for WordPress - Item for Sale


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WpApp is a Titanium template that enable you to create an iOS app for WordPress blog. You can put as many categories as you need, blog post, share post to facebook or by email. It use native iOS interface so the user will be quickly familiar with the user interface.

There are many benefits from having a mobile app for blog site. It can increase the visitor loyalty, expanding market reader, and also to make more money by using admob.

In order to fetch blog post data, WpApp require a WpApp WordPress plugin to be installed. This plugin is included in this package.

WpApp is tested with Titanium Mobile SDK 2.1.1.GA and XCode 4.4, work well with iOS 4 and iOS 5.

Note for iOS6 and iPhone 5

This item has been updated to work with iOS6 and iPhone 5 screen size. Unfortunately AdMob module will not work for iOS6. So if you develop for iPhone 5, the Admob is disabled. You can still use AdMod module if you build for iOS5.

Current version

WpApp v3.0


Demo App

The iPhone app is currently under ‘waiting for review’ status. I will update when it is approved. Android app is available in Google Play


  • Build universal app, iPad ready (v3.0)
  • APNS script to send push notification (v3.0)
  • Customize Admob banner size, iPad only (v3.0)
  • Push notification for each time new post published (v2.0)
  • More social sites: twitter improved, youtube, facebook and flickr (v2.0)
  • Twitter posts (v1.1)
  • Pages List (v1.1)
  • Admob module
  • Database cache
  • i18n localization
  • Unlimited categories
  • Pull to refresh
  • Share by email and facebook
  • Loading indicator
  • 20 color skins
  • Reset data
  • Automatically finding image from blog post
  • WordPress plugin
  • Easy to customize


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How It Works

This app require internet connection. When the app start for the first time, it has empty database. Then it will fetch data from your blog. You can set to fetch 10 posts at once or more if you like.

Then it will be stored in database for future use. The app won’t fetch again until a certain time that you can set, by default is 1800 seconds. Unless the user refresh the content by perform ‘pull to refresh’ (like twitter app). The new data will be added to database along with the previous blog post.

The first tabis ‘recent post’. It contains recent post from entire blog post.

The second tabcontains category list (in dashboard ui). It can handle unlimited number of categories. Per page can contain 9 categories, so it will create more pages if you have more than 9 categories.

How to set the category? It is easy. I prepared a plain text file that represent category structure, you need to place

  • Category slug (you can see it in WordPress admin panel)
  • Category title / label
  • Category icon for off and for on status

When the category is tapped / clicked in the category dashboard, it will open a new window with the blog post list of that category (similar with recent post list).

In the detail blog post, there is ‘share’ button. User can share by email or post it to their facebook account.

The third tabis the WordPress pages list.

The fourth tabis the Twitter posts.

The fifth tabcontains about page. As you can see in screenshot, the user can perform

  • Contact webmaster by email
  • Tell a friend by email
  • View terms and conditions
  • View privacy policy
  • Reset data. It will clean up database.


  • Does it need internet connection?
    Yes. It fetch blog data using internet connection. Then store it in database for future use for faster access.
  • Does it update the content without need to update the app in Apple App Store?
    Yes. Because it fetch the data from your blog, it will update immediately without need to update the app in Apple App Store.
  • Does it work with any wordpress themes?
    Yes. It is an iPhone app. It has its own user interface that is separated from wordpress theme. So it will work with any wordpress themes.
  • I’m not an iOS developer and I don’t have Mac. Could you build and publish an iPhone app for me?
    Yes I can help you to build and publish an iPhone app for your wordpress blog. You must be a valid owner of WpApp. This would be a freelance work, so please contact me for more detail. Thank you.

Change Log

WpApp v3.0 - August 13, 2012
- Build universal app, iPad ready
- APNS script to send push notification 
- Customize Admob banner size, iPad only

WpApp v2.0 - Feb 11, 2012
- Push notification for each time new post published
- More social sites: twitter improved, youtube, facebook and flickr 

WpApp v1.1 - Jan 03, 2012
- Add twitter posts
- Add pages list

WpApp v1.0 - Des 23, 2011
- First release

BONUS: WpApp Android version

I have WpApp android version ready. Please consider this as bonus and it is provided as it is. If you purchased this item you can email me from so I can check whenever you have valid license.

Because of android limitation, I have to make some changes from original version. It is optimized for screen size 320×480.


  • admob
  • push notification
  • share blog post
  • in about menu: contact webmaster and tell a friend


  • category dashboard is replaced with tableview, the category listing is automatically fetched from blog
  • load indicator using android indicator
  • because of there are too many tabs, then youtube tab, facebook tab and flicker tab are hidden, uncomment them in /ui/wpapp.js to show these tabs
  • pull to refresh is replaced with refresh menu item using menu button
  • “back” button in iOS navigation bar is replaced with android back button

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23 December 11

Last Update:
19 December 12

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, PHP

Mobile OS:
IOS 4.1, IOS 4.2, IOS 4.3, IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0

Software Framework:
Titanium 2.1


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