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WordPress / Forms

WP FrontEnd Form - Multi-Purpose Posting Form

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WP FrontEnd Form - Multi-Purpose Posting Form - Item for Sale


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I. What is it?

  • WP FrontEnd Form (WPF) is a Wordpress Plugin, use to create a posting form at Front-End with shortcode support.
  • WPF support unlimit Custom Post Types (CPT), unlimit Taxonomies, unlimit meta fields and multiple input fields with different multiple purpose as
    • Can use to create a Blog posting form.
    • Can use to create a News posting form.
    • Can use to create a contact form with different fields support.
    • Can use to create a Job posting form.
    • Can use to create Portfolio posting form with multiple Upload fields.
    • And so much more.
  • Payment support (options): if You want to pay for the author, who post the article on your site, You can easy do that by enable Payment feature.

II. What features does it have?

  • Translatable
  • Shortcode tool.
  • Widget.
  • Setting post status default.
  • Setting guest posting.
  • Setting upload featured image.
  • Setting Recaptcha to prevent spamming.
  • Scheduling delete article rejected.
  • Control field support
    • Textfield control.
    • Email field control.(html5)
    • Textarea Field control.
    • Visual editor control. – Wordpress Editor default.
    • Select Field control.
    • File Field control.
    • Datetime Picker control.
  • Transactions management support (if enable payment feature)
  • Payment: if you want to enable Payment feature, you can pay for the Author, who post the article on your site, and they can make the withdrawal, you can pay for this withdrawal by pay on Paypal.
    • Enable or disable payment, Paypal support
    • Allow setting currency.
    • Allow setting Cost per article.
    • Allow setting Withdrawal Minimum.
    • Withdrawal form
    • Earnings list.
    • History list: listing all history as withdrawals and earnings.
    • Allow setting payment notification.
  • Notification
    • Allow setting subject and content email notification when article rejected.
    • Allow setting subject and content email notification when article approved.
  • Login form
  • Profile updating form.
  • All actions handle by Ajax.

III. How to use?


  • Unzip the file.
  • Copywp-frontend-formfolder towp-content/plugins.
  • Go toPlugins/Installed plugin, findWP FrontEnd Formand click active.


  • Go toSettings/WP FrontEnd Form. General Payment Notification Email Debug General Post status default Pending Allow Guest send new Post Display button Yes Allow upload Featured Image Yes Use
  • Create a Page by Go toPages/Add New Add New Page clIck here Post Form stfwpoffi Edit Add Media Visual Text seEjE Paragraph


    FrontEnd Form Shortcode Post type CSS Class Form Control Meta Label Click here Insert shortcode Meta Key Required Insert Meta Fields Option Value Insert


    Post form Edit View Page Add Media Paragraph 112 taxonomies First Visual Text Adding Text Field Result after insert Shortcode

    Result after publish page

    Post Title Post Content AddMedia Visual Text Paragraph First Name Featured Image file chosen PostIng form FrontEnd Discussion Allow comments. Allow trackbacks

    With taxonomy support

    Post Title Post Content Add Media Para9raph Categories Wordpress Drupal Joomla Sqirted Location Florida Georgia Illinois Indiana First Name Choose Fuel Nfl

    Extended with multiple Control type

    Post Title Post Content Visual Text Paragraph Categories Wordpress flDrupal Joomla 1a93b1 0132 Sqwated canimaj Location Florida Georgia Illinois Indian First

    Extended with Payment feature

    Payment usc eget, congu. dui. dictum vIutpat dw, dignssm risi.s 1xrta Id. Integer mm. turpis fringilia metus bibendum pharera. Nullam dapibus u1trices Etiam story cLqID Amctqnmq 7,53 2854 2856 2857 Wsaidwt LOitm ipum consamwt scm9 neq s04110s nuua omvq luctor ante Witeger non maims oque Urn eget. congu. Etam peId All Earnings A,Oae cLe nme mezwI MHens fleque ome uoi .530 pad Imge non mairI icudIn. rl.que Ubefo e9e. cooigue dir pbd 2137 Eliim dpEbus blbenduni Load more Current Earnings withd,awats issued the the fottoviing month vdwn the 15th taUs veekend hoUday. which case Issued the neet business nimurn PayPat username Trasact,on PaypI Aooc.uM Type Amouzd OawaI flmen noanM9mal ccm PenWq P144 orem CompWe doJo amet. consedetuc adED4tc4n midie Compete neee fluCa oqi,aKe aucIoe

Support and Documents

There is always a copy of the documentation included with the download, but you can also find the latest release of the documentation online here send the question at

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4 July 13

Last Update:
4 July 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4

Compatible With:
Bootstrap 2.3.x, Bootstrap 2.2.2, Bootstrap 2.2.1, Bootstrap 2.1.1, Bootstrap 2.1.0, Bootstrap 2.0.4, Bootstrap 2.0.3, Bootstrap 2.0.2, Bootstrap 2.0.1, Bootstrap 2.0

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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