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WP Awesome Support - Responsive Ticket System

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WP Awesome Support - Responsive Ticket System - Item for Sale


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Video: Quick Start Guide

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WP Awesome Support Genesis

At ThemeAvenue, we love our clients. We were looking for a support / ticketing plugin to add to our current WordPress support site in order to provide premium support to our buyers.

We tried a lot of plugins, spent hours looking for the perfect one, but in the end we didn’t find it.

Therefore, we deided to develop our own, perfect support WordPress plugin.

The support plugin had to be simple, support multiple agents, be seamlessly integrated to any WordPress theme and be flexible to adapt to different business types. Optionnaly, as we work with Envato marketplaces, the plugin had to be able to check Envato purchases.

Yet Another Support Plugin? No…

Indeed, WP Awesome Support is not “just” another support plugin. It is a lot more flexible and powerful than most WordPress support plugin out there. Why you ask?

Seamless Integration

start Support LQLIn Click for larger screenshot
Above is an example of how the plugin integrates withKnowHow(A WordPress Knowledge Base)

WPAw.iem. SuppoeI Lii .A. .q.
Above is an example of how the plugin integrates with TwentyTwelve

WP Awesome Support has been designed to seamlessly integrate to any WordPress theme. Therefore, don’t worry about design compatibility. Your site will still look good, and so will the plugin! The design uses Bootstrap, but you can deactivate it if you prefer keeping only your theme’s style.

Robust Code

We developed this plugin using the native WordPress functions as much as possible. Why reinvent the wheel? WordPress does a good job. All the plugin’s settings are using the WordPress Settings API and no additional tables are added to your database.

Support Multiple Agents

With WP Awesome Support, you can work with as much support agents as you want. If you have a team of 20 support agents, simply add them 20 in your WordPress users with the right role.

Intelligent Ticket Attribution

DefaultAssignee Julien Liabeufj Whotoassignticketstobydefaut Tickets Yes Please read the doc understand how Assignment Mode Standard

Two ticket attribution modes are available

  • Auto-Assignment
  • Standard Assignment

With the first option, you will assign each of your support agents to a ticket type / department. Then, each time a new ticket will be submitted, the plugin will find out which is the agent in the corresponding group with the less tickets open. The new ticket will then be assigned to this most available agent.

With the second option, the plugin won’t look for an agent in a specific group. It will simply calculate which agent has the less tickets open.

Powerful Permissions Management

Users Permissions Tickets Readability Public can Private ticket author can read must Closed are Public tickets can viewed byanyc Who can read the tickets

The plugin comes with an advanced permission management system. You can define what users can see and reply to the tickets.

Custom Roles & Capabilities

Bulk Actions Apply Agent Change Change role Username Administrator Editor demo Author Contributor Subscriber Ivianager Julien Support v1anager

Custom roles and capabilities are created for this plugin. When you will add a new support agent, you don’t have to choose between the regular WordPress roles which are not suitable. Instead, we created plugin specific roles. You won’t have to give access to all your site to your agents, and you won’t need a role management plugin.

E-Mail Notifications

Your request has been received, and being reviewed our sUppL rflV r1pqt5 foI!o. !nk

E-mail notifications can be send for every action. Those notifications can be enabled or disabled one by one in the settings. You can notify

  • Clients to confirm them their ticket has been successfully submitted
  • Agents to inform them a new tickets has been assigned to them
  • Clients than an agent replied to the ticket
  • Agents that the client replied the ticket
  • Clients that the ticket has been closed

E-Mail Templates Customization

Another good thing about e-mail notifications is that the templates are fully customizable for each notification! We give you a visual editor and template tags to let you prepare your very own notifications.

Template Tags
Template Tags Here the list all template tags you can use. Tags can used all Sender, Convert into ticket Convert into website name Convert into agent name

Template Tags allow you in add dynamic information in your custom e-mail notification. For instance, it only takes a second to add the ticket number, ticket title, agent name to an e-mail. You can also add a link to the ticket directly from the e-mail notifications.

CC Tickets

Let’s now imagine you need to supervise a specific ticket because it’s sensitive. However, you don’t have time to deal with the ticket yourself. We have the solution!

Just ask your agent to add you as a CC to every notification and you will be e-mailed a copy everytime an e-mail is sent.

Envato Compatibility

126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 function Slicense check cURL loaded before running the Sglopt POWERED API heck scrip,

We work with Envato marketplaces. Maybe you too. And then if you do, we have built-in a great feature: Envato purchase verification. If you enable this option, the license number will be asked for each ticket submission (you can even make it mendatory). Then, we use the Envato API to verify the purchase.

The Envato logo will be added to your tickets list so that you can see in a second who really bought your items, and then give them faster support.

Responsive Design

WPAw.iem. SuppoeI Lii .A. .q. Above is an example of how the plugin integrates with TwentyTwelve

What if your clients need to submit a ticket on the go? No worries! The plugin is responsive. Even from a mobile, your client will have a smooth and pleasant experience (as long as the theme you use is responsive).

For instance, the WYSIWYG Editor will fallback to a regular textarea on mobile.

Translation Ready

Fichier Editer Affichage Aide Ouvrir Enregistrer Valider Mettre Approximative Texte original Iconvert into ticket Convert into website name ert ent

The plugin is fully localized are is delivered with the .po/.mo files. You can translate the plugin in any language!

NEW from version 1.1.0: French Translation

Advanced Style Compliance

Plugin Stylesheets Complete Disable Forms Styling Disable All Open Status Tag Color Select Color Background color open status Closed Status Tag Color Select

Yeah I said the plugin integrates seamlessly with any theme. And it does. However, as we use some CSS for the plugin, it might, in certain cases, alter your theme’s look. If it’s the case, you have 2 options

  • Disable the CSS completely and only keep your theme’s CSS
  • Only disable the forms CSS as this is where alteration are more likely to appear

We also added an option to let you give a specific class to every button. This way, you can totally make them look like every other button in your theme.

Finally, if you like having your hands dirty, you can add your custom CSS to make it fit your theme pixel-perfect.

Gravatar Integration

Julien, You are wizard! Many Thanks. Now o.k. That is, someone his mobile device once lull site clicks, longer sees splash And so, how can change bookman

Do you like seeing the pretty face of the client you’re dealing with? If he uses Gravatar, you will. The plugin is fully compatible with Gravatar in the admin panel and on the front-end.

NEW Features from version 1.1.0

File Attachements & Upload

As promised, we added auser-friendly file-uploading experienceto our support plugin. You candrag & drop multiple files at once.

Drop here

Browser support includes IE7+ (including IE10), Firefox, Safari (OS X), Chrome, IOS6, and Android. Does NOT require Flash, jQuery, or any external libraries.

Max. Attachments Max. Size for Attachments Mowed Files Types

In your Dashboard, you can define several options such as

  • Max. Attachments:Maximum number of files that can be attached to a ticket.
  • Max. Size for AttachmentsMaximum size allowed in MB for each file.
  • Allowed Files Types

WooCommerce Integration


You’re usingWooCommerce? It’s a great e-commerce plugin. That’s why we now integrate with it! When your clients will log into their client account, they will see their tickets and will be able to submit a new one from within the dashboard!

Recommend Themes

Using WordPress Multisite?

If you plan on using WP Awesome Support with a WordPress multisite network, you should know that the plugin is compatiblebut please, read themultisite installation guidebefore installing the plugin!



UPDATEif you update from version 1.0.0, pleasedeactivate and reactivatethe plugin to update correctly. Nothing will be lost.


- FIX: Fixed broken uploader (due to issue with tags)
- FIX: Drag & Drop feature disabled on IE9 and below (not compatible)
- Update: Improved form validation on ticket submission (fallback if no client-side validation)
- Update: Version number


- NEW: German translation files
- FIX: Issues with description not displaying
- FIX: Use of media queries only instead of matchMedia (JS)
- FIX: Support of input placeholders for old browsers (
- FIX: Products history only saved when needed
- FIX: Tickets limit in frontend listing
- FIX: Logged-in users can't see other users tickets titles
- Update: Permalink structure to remove front base
- Update: French language files
- Update: Version number


- FIX: Products dropdown removed from frontend when disabled
- Update: Version Number


- NEW: Products Management
- NEW: Auto-Update Feature Included
- NEW: Option to only show opened tickets in tickets list
- FIX: Envato Verification Function
- FIX: Fineuploader script error when file attachement is disabled
- FIX: {message} tag works
- FIX: Taxonomies terms bg color save properly
- FIX: Cached options cleared after settings update
- Update: Emails Header now in UTF-8
- Update: Version Number


- ADD: Reply Needed Indicator
- ADD: Network uninstall process
- Update: Improved E-Mail Notifications
- Update: Reduce DB Queries
- FIX: Multisite Issues with Settings & Add New Ticket pages
- FIX: Help in E-Mail Settings
- FIX: Replies count when agent can only see his tickets
- FIX: Links in admin bar lead to backend for agents
- FIX: Support staff group is saved


- FIX: Register default settings works for new installs


- ADD: File Attachments
- ADD: French Translation
- ADD: WooCommerce Integration
- ADD: Option to Change Date Position in Ticket Details
- FIX: Bootstrap Responsive Removed
- FIX: Bootstrap.min.css Updated
- FIX: Tickets Count Triggered Warnings if no Tickets
- FIX: Error After Submitting Ticket
- FIX: Ticket History Display Content
- FIX: Works with WordPress Multisite (infinite loop and role check fixed)
- FIX: Agent Assignement Bug
- Update: Admin bar items re-added for admins
- Update: Improved Translations File Loading
- Update: Improved Text Formatting in Tickets
- Update: Envato Verification Process Improved
- Update: Added Prefix to Default Language Files
- Update: Language Files
- Update: Core Optimization
- Update: E-Mail Options Grouped
- Removed: Private Link Metabox

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1 May 13

Last Update:
6 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5

Compatible With:
Bootstrap 2.3.x

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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