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WP Adshare Revenue

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WP Adshare Revenue - Item for Sale


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WPAdshare is a simple way to share Google AdSense Revenue with Authors and Editors on any WordPress site. If you are familiar with Squidoo or Hubpages, you may have noticed that they reward their authors by allowing them some share of revenue. Hubpages allow writers to submit their Google Adsense Publisher ID to be used within the writers post. That is the feature that WP Adshare is offering. Encourage writers to create more popular posts for your site. Additionally, if you simply just want a way to ad your Google Adsense Ads to your site, this is also a great solution.


  • Widget Included – The plugin comes with a fully configurable widget for display Adsense blocks in Sidebars.
  • Insert Adsense into Posts – Insert Adsense ADs into post without touching any code
  • Settings Page – Fully configurable settings page for Adsense display
  • Shortcode – You have the option to insert Adsense ADS into Posts using Shortcodes
  • Template Tag – You can also plug ADs directly into WP Template Tags

Using the Shortcode

Simple Shortcode
Advanced Shortcode
[adshare border="FFFFFF" bg="CCCCCC" link="333333" text="000000" url="001152"]

Using the Template Tag

If you are familiar with PHP and WordPress templating, you can choose to add ads within template files using a Template Tag. Similar to the shortcode, the template tag is fully configurable and can be used to be displayed anywhere within the post. You can simply call the following snippet in your template using the following.

Simple Template Tag

<?php echo WpAdshare::ad(); ?>

Advanced Template Tag
<?php echo WpAdshare::ad($size='medium',$type='text_image',$border='FFFFFF',$bg='0000FF',$link='FFFFFF',$text='000000',$url='008000'); ?>

Using the Widget

The plugin comes with a built in Widget for displaying Adsense ADs in widget positions.

LJLJ LC9.J III I!JI AdShare Share Adshare Block Text ads only Format 468x60 Banner Horizontal 728x90 Leaderboard 458x60 Banner 234x60 Half Banner Vertical

Automatic Insertion

Using some WordPress functions, the plugin can automatically add ADs to posts. ADs can be positioned in top, bottom or both within the post.

Textads only Both liiWit t71tMit Alternating

Other Features

Disable plugin for certain users Disable Adshare Disabled Choose disable WPAdshare for this user. Ads ense Publisher Add your Publisher More sharing optionsThe plugin allows you the option of sharing ads alternatively, randomly or at different ratios for e.g 9:1 share where the admin gets 90% of the AD share while the writer gets 10% or 4:6 where admin receives 40% of the spot and the writer gets 60%.

Random Alternating share share share share share share share share share share

You can also adjust the color of your Adsense ADs from within the plugin. No need to go to your Adsense account to create a new AD to adjust the colors.

Color Options Link Color Border Color Backgound Color Text Color Color

Available Options

Size Options

Name Width Height
large 728 90
medium 468 60
small 234 60
728×90 728 90
468×60 468 60
234×60 234 60
120×600 120 600
160×600 160 600
120×240 120 240
336×280 336 280
300×250 300 250
250×250 250 250
200×200 200 200
180×150 180 150
125×125 125 125
These size options can be used in the Template tag or Shortcode


I see no complaints. I have no complaints. I see a HUGE need for your plugin. WHY THE HECK DON’T YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1,000 SALES FOR THIS PLUGIN YET? FOR ANYONE THINKING ABOUT BUYING THIS PLUGIN…...JUST DO IT! @b4ucode has top-notch support. I asked for a modification to the plugin before i bought it. I went and bought it and before I had time to get back to work this evening, this dev ALREADY did the mod and sent it to me. What more can you ask for?


This is the best plugin i have purchased here at CC! It is making me money already! Thanks b4ucode!


The problem was fixed. Very good support! I can recommend the plugin. Thank you!


I’m not much of a developer but I’ve seen lots of plugins around here and this one is very well coded and looks very stable! Overall, well done b4ucode! 5 stars



- Option to hide plugin on different post types
- Front end user update with shortcode
- Tested on WordPress 3.5


- Added 2 new AD positions (Inline Content Top Right and Left)
- Ability to have different Adsense Banner size at bottom
- Added more size options to Settings page

- Added Banner + URL option &  Custom Code options for user Ads
- Added more duration options
- Added option to restrict certain users from plugin
- Updated documentation

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14 October 12

Last Update:
12 January 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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