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WordPress / Social Networking

Wordpress Social Timeline

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Wordpress Social Timeline - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Item Description:

The DP Social Timeline plugin lets you retrieve status/posts/videos/images from different social networks in a timeline format, sorted by the newest.


  • Get status/posts/videos/ images from differents accounts in the same social network
  • Twitter, Facebook Page, Youtube, Delicious, Flickr, Dribbble, Digg, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Lastfm
  • Retrieve Youtube videos using search keywords.
  • Retrieve tweets using a hashtag.
  • Different display styles.
  • Limit the number of Feeds to retrieve.
  • Add multiple custom feeds.
  • Show/Hide Social Icons.
  • Use as a Widget.
  • Social Filter Support.
  • Cross Browser Support.
  • Simple to Customize.
  • Full Documentation.

The included RSS options are :

  • twitter – Twitter username
  • twitter_hash – Twitter hashtag
  • google – Google+ is not adding RSS feed support oficially, so you will have to go to, login with your g+ account and use the RSS url in this option
  • facebook_page – Facebook Page ID, find the ID of your FB page in
  • instagram – Instagram Username
  • instagram_hash – Instagram hashtag
  • 500px – 500px username
  • delicious – Delicious Username
  • flickr – Flickr User ID, find your ID in
  • flickr_hash – Flickr Hashtag
  • tumblr – Tumblr Username
  • soundcloud – Soundcloud Username
  • youtube – Youtube Username
  • youtube_search – Youtube Search Keywords
  • dribbble – Dribbble Username
  • digg – Digg Username
  • pinterest – Pinterest Username
  • vimeo – Vimeo Username
  • lastfm_tracks – Lastfm Username, 10 recently played tracks for this profile
  • lastfm_events – Lastfm Username, Events that a user has marked themselves as attending.
  • lastfm_loved – Lastfm Username, A feed of tracks a user has loved
  • lastfm_artist_events – Lastfm Artist, Events that an artist is marked as playing at
  • lastfm_journal – Lastfm Username, Recent journal entries for this profile

Non-WP version:

There is a Non-WP version of this plugin. Click Here


 v1.7.2 - Fixed issue with timeline layout v1.7.1 - Fixed issue with Instagram hashtags Fixed issue with SSL images v1.7 - Added support v1.6.9 - Fixed issue with Soundcloud icon. Added Foursquare checkins support. v1.6.8 - Added support for Isotope v2.0 and removed timeline layout for this specific Isotope version. v1.6.7 - Replaced Webstagram RSS for Instagram API. Now you need to register an app on Instagram and set the Client ID. v1.6.6 - Fixed issue in iOS 7.0.x v1.6.5 - Fixed issue in Modern skin displaying tweets with images v1.6.3 - Fixed issue in "Show/Hide Feed Time" option v1.6.2 - Replaced colorbox by responsive lightbox v1.6.1 - Fixed CSS issue not displaying share buttons Fixed special chars problem in feeds v1.6 - Added option to disable multiple filters Added option to cache feeds v1.5.9 - Added new skin "modern" Fixed issue with twitter hashtags v1.5.8 - Fixed issue with inline shortcodes v1.5.7 - Added audio support for Tumblr v1.5.6 - Fixed issue with translations v1.5.5 - Updated Colorbox to latest version Added Soundcloud feed option v1.5.3 - Fixed issue with some custom feeds v1.5.2 - Fixed issue with buttons not working in some websites Fixed issue with multiple twitter accounts Added twitter image support v1.4.9 - Fixed css issue in facebook feed v1.4.8 - Fixed issue with twitter feeds limit v1.4.7 - Added rtl option v1.4.6 - Fixed an issue including the js files in some themes v1.4.5 - Added Options to set the Twitter API 1.1 credentials. Please complete it if you are using the twitter feed. Improved Responsiveness Added option to set items width by layout Added Action buttons in tweets (Reply, Retweet, Favorite) v1.4.4 - Updated twitter feed to OAuth v1.4.3 - Added Google+ feed Added LastFM (Recent Tracks, Recent Journals, Upcoming Events, Loved Tracks, Artists Current Events) feeds. v1.4.2 - Added plugin update notification. v1.4.1 - Added share buttons (Twitter, Facebook). Fixed an issue with jQuery 1.9 v1.4 - Fixed an issue about white space in some feeds. v1.3.9 - Fixed an issue with some Facebook feeds. v1.3.8 - Fixed an issue with multisite installations. v1.3.7 - Fixed an issue with Tumblr images. v1.3.6 - Added Instagram Usernames, Hashtags and Flickr Hashtags. v1.3.4 - Added Multisite Support v1.3.3 - Added "Hide Feed Time" feature v1.3.3 - Fixed an issue in Opera v1.3.2 - Fixed an issue in IE9 v1.3.1 - Fixed an issue with Twitter API v1.3 - Fixed an issue with youtube videos in mobile devices v1.2 - Fixed a minor issue in IE v1.1 - Added translation support. Added inline shortcode options. 


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16 July 12

Last Update:
31 October 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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