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WordPress / Social Networking

WordPress Testimonials & LinkedIn Importer

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WordPress Testimonials & LinkedIn Importer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Social Testimonial System is a WordPress plugin built using WordPress Fuel. It allows you to maintain list of testimonials you receive from your clients and friends. You can also import recommendations via LinkedIn. There is a ‘Ask for recommendation’ tool which sends an email to your clients, colleagues and/or friends to fill in the testimonial. You have full control to approve or delete the submission.

Ability to import LinkedIn recommendations as testimonials, manage unlimited testimonials, and accept testimonials via WordPress – Powered by WordPress Fuel Framework


  • Unlimited testimonials manageable via WordPress admin
  • Import via LinkedIn
  • Ask for recommendation form
  • Approval system
  • Email notification on form submission
  • MVC Codebase
  • Shortcodes to display testimonials

There are three ways to capture testimonials:

  1. Via WordPerss Admin Panel
  2. Via Form request (You will shoot fill in request and once client
    fills in you have to activate)
  3. LinkedIn Import

WordPress Short Codes

Paste the following short-code into page/post editor:

All testimonials

[social_testimonial type=’recent’]
display the list of recent testimonials

[social_testimonial type=’random’]
display the list of testimonials in random order

[social_testimonial type=’recent’ limit=10]
Display 10 recently added testimonails

[social_testimonial type=’random’ limit=10]
Display 10 random testimonails

[social_testimonial id=1]
Display a particular testimonial. Set ID as per testimonial record

[social_testimonial type=’random’ limit=1]
Display one random testimonial

Random Testimonial Page – New

Standalone page within WordPress to allow users to view testimonial. It displays random testimonial on each page refresh.

Demo page

Admin Demo

Login Details
username: demo
password: demo


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2 April 13

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30 August 14

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