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WordPress / Miscellaneous

WordPress Pricing Tables plugin

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WordPress Pricing Tables plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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WP Pricing Tables is a set of pricing table designs created to fit every Wordpress based website. The package contains a number of differently styled pricing tables. Each of them comes in a set of predefined color schemes, but as it is created with Pure CSS you can easily customize it to fit your website color scheme.
WP Pricing Tables comes with a user friendly configuration, so you can easily set up your pricing table in no time.

Main Features

  • 6 different designs
  • 16 predefined color schemes
  • New:Billing periods. Create one pricing table for monthly, annual or any other subscription period you want.
  • Pure CSS+HTML
  • Create unlimited number of pricing tables
  • Responsive
  • Can be easly styled to any color you need
  • Unlimited number of columns
  • Degrades Gracefully
  • Easily make column featured
  • Easily add tick or cross icon
  • Hover effect over button
  • Hover effect over column
  • CSS Ribbons with your custom text in 16 colors
  • CSS Tooltips with heading and custom text in 16 colors.
  • New:Set columns width.
  • Support multiple tables on one page
  • Use HTML code in cells content to format text, add images, add links and much more!
  • Reorder rows by drag&drop

Before you rate…

If you want to rate our product lower than 5 stars, please contact us first and let us know what is wrong. When we know it, we can fix it. This leads to a Win-Win situation where you get a better product and we get more stars.

Browser support

  • Chrome 8+
  • Firefox 4+
  • Opera 11.64+
  • IE 8+ :: Pricing Tables & Tooltips, IE9+ :: Ribbons, IE10+::Featured and Hovered columns


Any request for support please submit using our support ticket system on this page. Please keep in mind I live in GMT+1 time zone. I will do my best to answer every request for suport in 24 hours (exluding weekends).
If you will notice anything working not correctly, please let me know, so I can fix it.

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Verison: 1.3.2 (05.10.2013)
  • Added : Smooth transition between billing periods without reloading page.
Verison: 1.3.1 (03.10.2013)
  • Fix for column width an warning displayed over the table
Verison: 1.3.0 (03.09.2013)
  • Added adding multiple columns and rows with one click
  • Added speed optimization by loading only CSS that is used
  • Added reorder rows by drag&drop
Verison: 1.2.4 (05.07.2013)
  • Added field for assigning custom class to the pricing table buttons
  • Added fix to reduce possibility of css conflict between themes and other plugins
  • Fixed some display issues
Verison: 1.2.3 (14.06.2013)
  • Added handling HTML code as cell content
  • Fixed server error 500 caused by plugin in some situations
  • Fixed configuration table not loading in some situations
Verison: 1.2.2 (10.06.2013)
  • Few CSS modifications
Verison: 1.2.1 (07.06.2013)
  • Support for multiple tables on one page
Verison: 1.2.0 (18.05.2013)
  • Added set column width
  • Added tooltips in features-names column
  • Added cells in row have equal height even if one of them has more text then others
  • Fixed background color not in order in feature names column
  • Fixed unability to write in Billing Periods text inputs using FireFox
  • Fixed right border sometimes not appear in last column
  • Fixed tooltip icon position
Verison: 1.1.1 (06.05.2013)
  • Fiexed php code display bug in Pricng Table Layout 2 and Layout 4.
Verison: 1.1.0 (27.04.2013)
  • Due to extensive changes, be aware that after updating from earlier versions, your pricing table will require reconfiguration.
  • Added billing periods functionality
  • No more code is needed to style the price
  • Added info icon next to text with tooltip
  • Added tooltips to admin panel to make plugin easier to work with.
  • Call to action button not showing if no text or link is added
  • Fixed tick/cancel icon problem
  • CSS fixes
Verison: 1.0.6 (24.04.2013)
  • Display fixes
Verison: 1.0.5 (22.04.2013)
  • CSS fixes
Verison: 1.0.4 (12.04.2013)
  • Fixed page content always displaing under pricing table
  • Fixed pricing plans overlapping each other to much on smartphones.
Verison: 1.0.3 (08.04.2013)
  • Further fixes making pricing tables structure resistant to theme styling
  • Removed page dark background definition from CSS.
  • Cells with no text have the same height as cells with text.
  • Added update notifier
Verison: 1.0.2 (07.04.2013)
  • Fix which made pricing tables resistant to theme margins settings (Sometimes theme margins settings could destroy pricing table structure)
  • Now correct files included for theme 2 styling (sorry! :)).
  • Corrected ribbons so they are always visible in themes 3,4,5.
Verison: 1.0.1 (29.03.2013)
  • Changed ribbons angle, so they are better displayed in chrome.
  • Many fixes to responsivness.
Verison: 1.0 (28.03.2013)
  • Initial release

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28 March 13

Last Update:
11 February 14

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3


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