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Wordpress Mobile Redirect Plugin

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Wordpress Mobile Redirect Plugin - Item for Sale


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Bumped version to 1.9 to prevent update conflict with this plugin,it is not related or similar to this. Please do not update this plugin if you are asked to do so!

Plugin is tested with latest version (3.5.1) and it is functioning exactly the same as in previous versions of Wordpress!

Wordpress Mobile Redirect/Detect is a small plugin that can detect most of popular internet enabled mobile devices and redirect according to URL you provide. It is also easy to customize redirect URL’s and devices. There is a counter on the right of every device name, so you know how many users are redirected. Please type in full URL. To disable redirect, just delete URL. To enable user to view desktop site from mobile device, just make a normal link from mobile site to desktop site, plugin will automatically recognize that, and make sure that user is not redirected further.

This plugin is based on 150 sales plain PHP class (,can we at least double that?:)

Mobile Redirect Wo4dpmn Wobik Red.e4abd pJit. dbd CX1 p.pLII TtI Redirects

Update v1.9

Update v1.1

  • New admin panel.
  • Added Analytics page to view number of redirects per device.
  • Added “Homepage” option, redirect users only when they visit homepage first.
  • Added “Force” option, doesn’t allow users to return to URL they were redirected from.
  • Reset number of redirects by double click.


  • Redirect each mobile device to same/different URL.
  • View number of redirects.
  • Possibility to browse desktop site from mobile device just by linking to desktop site from mobile one (no redirect forcing).
  • HTML separated from PHP, for easy editing.
  • Request a feature?


For all support, please use comments and you will be given reply ASAP!


  • Works with W3 Total Cache, as one of the commenters suggested.
  • Please note that live preview is not Wordpress plugin, but a PHP class this plugin is built on, please see screenshots!

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31 January 12

Last Update:
28 January 13

Software Version:
WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

High Resolution:

Files Included:


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