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WordPress / Media

Wordpress Media

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Wordpress Media - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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This plugin is no longer maintained and will be removed shortly. The latest version will be hosted on Github. To keep informed on this change, subscribe to the feed below. Thanks.


  • Playlist and single player
  • Audio and video
  • Adjust colors and style via a settings panel
  • Supports multiple players per page
  • Default display template included
  • Override default display with custom templates
  • Auto play
  • Looping
  • File preload


WordPress Media 1.3.4 allows the addition of an HTML 5 audio and/or video player to your theme. It requires PHP 5.2 or higher. The player is an instance of the popular and stable jPlayer by Happyworm and can be inserted into posts via a shortcode, sidebar areas via a widget, or anywhere in your theme via a template tag. Multiple instances of the player on one page is supported.

If the visitor’s browser does not support HTML 5 audio and video, the player falls back on flash, so the browser compatibility is strong.

The player supports the following types of audio and video files:

HTML5 and Flash: mp3, m4a (AAC), m4v (H.264)

Optional counterpart formats to increase HTML5 x-browser support: ogv, oga, wav, webm

This player will play any local or external media file of the above types when provided with a valid URL. The plugin provides a system for uploading your own media files, but remember that the default upload file size limit on WordPress installations is 3mb, so using FTP to upload your files may be necessary.

The PSD source file for the controls images is included, so you can alter the color scheme of the buttons and by installing your own controls image in the plugin, your new design becomes available in the settings panel. No coding needed.

To uninstall without deleting your style settings, like when you want to update the plugin, delete the plugin via FTP instead of WordPress’ built-in delete feature. Using the default delete with erase the style options from the database.

There are features I would like to add one at a time to this plugin. Feel free to comment on which one you would like to see first: expand player to new browser window, default poster image option for video, and a play counter

Check out the live preview and look at the FAQs for instructions on use and answers to questions.

Updates Feed

 == Changelog == = 1.1 = * CodeCanyon release = 1.1.1 = * player now shows hour time slot for duration in files over one hour long = 1.2 = * media file urls are now encrypted in page source * settings panel added for style customization of player = 1.3 = * support for playlists added * stronger css for templates customized via the settings panel * issue with hide/show of settings panel color picker in Chrome fixed * letter spacing preview in settings panel fixed = 1.3.1 = * playlists are now continuous play * playlists are now able to preload first file * fixes bug in widget admin where playlist item entries were not able to be deleted = 1.3.2 = * sporadic javascript bug fixed in views/wordpress-media-js.php that prevented the playing of files = 1.3.3 = * Fixes bug introduced by WP 3.5 that prevents the WP Media media button from rendering in post edit = 1.3.4 = * Fixes bug introduced by 1.3.3 that throws an error on the options display 

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1 March 11

Last Update:
31 January 13

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, Safari, Opera

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP, SWF/FLV, Layered PSD

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5


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