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WordPress Comment Sort

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WordPress Comment Sort - Item for Sale


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Sort Posts

You can sort posts for each of your theme template by going to “Setting > CommentSort” menu item. You’ll finde searate tab for each template supported by your current theme. There are two kind of settings for each template.

Sort by

Here you can select an option to sort your posts. This setting contains three options.

  • Do not sortSelect this if you want to disable CommentSort.
  • Last CommentSelect this if you want to sort posts by latest comment posted.
  • Comment CountSelect this if you want to sort your post by comment count.


Here you can select order of sorting. This can be one of two options.

  • AscendingSelect this if you want to sort post in ascending order. For example if you have selected “Last Comment” option in above setting and “Ascending” here, then the post with oldest comment will be displayed on the top.
  • DescendingSelect this if you want to sort post in descending order. For example if you have selected “Last Comment” option in above setting and “Descending” here, then the post with newest comment will be displayed on the top.

Separate Settings for each Template

Your theme can contain one or more templates for listing posts. These can be homepage template or archive template. Here is the list of most commen templates a theme can hold.

Standalone Templates

  • index.phpThis is default template for homepage.
  • search.phpThis is default template for search results.
  • 404.phpThis is default template for 404 Error pages.
  • image.phpThis is default template for displaying images.
  • attachment.phpThis is default template for listing attachments.


Archive Templates

There can be one or more archive templates. These canbe for author archives, category archives ect.

  • author.phpThis is default template for author archive.
  • category.phpThis is default template for category archive.
  • tag.phpThis is default template for tag archive.
  • archive.phpThis is default template for all the archives. This template is used a default if none of the above templates is available.


You can find further detail about all theme templatesHere


Bug reporting and feature request is appreciated. If you encounter any bug or you want any feature in future updates, please report itHereThanks.

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20 June 13

Last Update:
20 June 13

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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