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Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping

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Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker – Easy & High Configurable

Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping is a WooCommerce addon that allows customers to pick date and time for delivery when shipping on checkout page. Customers are able to select date and time for shipping in an intuitive and user-friendly widget. The delivery time will be visible to site administrators when viewing the order in the admin area. It also will be sent via emails to administrators.

The power of the plugin comes from its configuration. Administrators can easily change how the date time picker widget appears in the front end by changing text label, language, date and time format.

Administrators also can restrict dates and date ranges for shipping, prevent customers require shipping on holidays, weekends, etc. or can provide shipping on certain days of a month.


  • 1/1/* – No shipping on January 1st of any year (New Year)
  • */1/2014 – No shipping on first day of any month of 2014
  • 12/24/* - 1/1/* – No shipping from December 24th to January 1st of next year
  • */1/* - */5/* – No shipping on first 5 days of any month of any year
  • 8/*/* - 12/1/* – No shipping from August to December 1st of any year

(More examples in plugin documentation)

There’re many ways for administrators to limit the shipping date, time, not only by dates and date ranges as above, but also by

  • Shipping methods
  • Week days
  • Some days from today
  • Number of shipments per day
  • Min/Max hour
  • etc.

With the Woocommerce Delivery Time Picker for Shipping plugin, your customer service will be improved to a new level just in a few clicks!

WooCommerce Delivery Time Picker Features

  • Customize text label: You don’t need to have technical skill to translate text
  • Language support: support 74 languages and also support to set custom texts
  • Easy to change date and time format
  • Ability to restrict dates and date ranges
  • Ability to restrict week days
  • Ability to restrict by time (hours)
  • Ability to select theme
  • Ability to enable/disable for specific shipping methods
  • Ability to limit number of shipments per day
  • Ability to select theme
  • Shortcode [wdt_shipping_time] and [wdt_field] to show shipping time and the date picker anywhere
  • Auto update

Proudly made by the author of WordPress Meta Box Plugin.


2.1.15 – 25th December, 2014
 - Add option edit delivery time in order detail - Fix error display delivery date is : 01/10/1970 when customers don't pick a delivery date 
2.1.14 – 18th November, 2014
 - Fix: delivery time in email for WooCommerce < 2.2.4 
2.1.13 – 18th November, 2014
 - Fix: delivery time in email 
2.1.12 – 24th June, 2014
 - Fix: enable/disable for shipping methods 
2.1.11 – 22nd April, 2014
 - Fix: load CSS for HTTPS websites 
2.1.10 – 10th April, 2014
 - Fix: missing argument for date conversion function 
2.1.9 – 2nd April, 2014
 - Fix: date convert error when time picker is disabled 
2.1.8 – 29th March, 2014
 - Fix: date() function error 
2.1.7 – 27th March, 2014
 - Fix: fatal error for PHP less than 5.3 - Fix: disable for shipping methods - Fix: z-index for picker to not display below other elements 
2.1.6 – 25th February, 2014
 - Improvement: Show column of delivery time and allow to sort by that - Improvement: Add shortcode [wdt_shipping_time] to show delivery time anywhere, [wdt_field] to show date/time picker field anywhere - Improvement: Optimize code 
2.1.4 – 8th December, 2013
 - Improvement: Add option to enable/disable delivery time per shipping method - Improvement: Add option to limit number of shipments per day - Improvement: Add inputs for custom text translation - Fix: Limit time by max/min hour 
 - Improvement: Add feature to disable time in the datetime picker - Improvement: Add feature to restrict sequence days from today 
 - Fix bug: header sent 
 - Add option to limit by hours - Fix bug: not show billing info when disable shipping 
 - Ability to select THEME - Option to make delivery time required - Hide pass days 
 - Improvement: Add languages - Improvement: Add ability to restrict dates and date ranges - Improvement: Add ability to restrict week days - Improvement: Save settings in one option only - Improvement: Auto update 
 - Initial version 

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12 January 13

Last Update:
26 December 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Compatible With:
WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x, WooCommerce 1.6.x

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8


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