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Website Review

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Website Review - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Website Review is a seo tool which will help you analyse your web page. This app provide a full information about links, meta tags of chosen domain. In addition you will see personal advices how to optimize your HTML.
Looking for a free regular licence? I’m looking for translation the application into following languages: norwegian, swedish, finnish. Contact me if you are interested.


  • Link Exstractor
  • Content Analysis
  • Multilanguage Interface (Russian, English, French, Danish, Deutsch, Spanish, Dutch (Thanks designs2love for the free translation into Dutch)
  • Complite Website Review
  • Website Speed Tips
  • Advice System
  • Meta Tags Crawler and Analyzer
  • Score System
  • Responsive Layout
  • Social Sharing
  • Export as PDF
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Websites Ratings
  • Contact Page


  • PHP 5.1.0 or higher
  • cURL Extension
  • GD Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • Multibyte String Functions
  • Script execution time must be greater than 120 seconds
  • Rewrite module (optional)
  • Cron Jobs (optional)
  • SMTP Mail Server (optional)
  • DOMDocument (optional. For sitemap generation)

Applications demo


Installation & Documentation

All information you can find here


v 3.7 – 2015.02.17

  • Small bug fix

Already bought? Replace listed below files:


v 3.6 – 2015.01.20

  • Improved PagePeeker thumbnail generation

Already bought?
1. Add 2 new parameters in root/config/main.php

 'rules' => array(... 'proxy'=>'PagePeekerProxy/index',... ),... 'params' => array(... 'useProxyImage' => true,... ), 

2. Replace/add listed below files.
Modified files:

 ~root\website_review\components\Utils.php ~root\website_review\commands\ParseCommand.php ~root\js\base.js ~root\website_review\components\Controller.php 
New files:

3. Delete cache files from root/website_review/runtime/cache directory

v 3.5 – 2014.10.02

  • Improved character set recognition
  • Improved email searching in HTML
  • Design bug fixes
  • Review generation on a fly
Modified files
 ~root/website_review/commands/ParseCommand.php ~root/website_review/components/Utils.php ~root/website_review/controllers/WebsiteStatController.php ~root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/MetaTags.php ~root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/Content.php ~root/website_review/views/rating/index.php ~root/website_review/views/websitestat/index.php 

v 3.4 – 2014.09.01

  • Gz compression are used to compress sitemaps, whereby traffic will be decreased.
Modified files:

v 3.3 – 2014.08.27

  • Fixed memory leak in sitemap generation
  • Some code/design bug fixes
  • Handling pagepeeker error
Modified files
 ~website_review/commands/SitemapCommand.php ~website_review/commands/ParseCommand.php ~website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Utils/Helper.php ~website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/Content.php ~website_review/controllers/WebsiteStatController.php ~website_review/components/Controller.php ~website_review/config/badwords/fr.php ~js/base.js ~website_review/views/websitestat/index.php ~css/app.css ~website_review/views/site/request_form.php ~website_review/views/site/index.php 
New files:

v 3.2 – 2014.08.21

  • Properly displays generation date of review
Modified files:

v 3.1 – 2014.08.18

  • Improved sitemap generation. Now sitemap has multi language URLs, whereby the amount of indexed pages in search engines will be increased.
  • Improved doctype recognition
  • Some small bug fixes
Already bought? Replace modified files listed below and run this query in database:
 ALTER TABLE `ca_document` CHANGE `doctype` `doctype` VARCHAR( 100 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL; 
Modified files:
 ~root/website_review.sql ~root/website_review/config/badwords/fr.php ~root/website_review/commands/SitemapCommand.php ~root/website_review/commands/ParseCommand.php ~root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/Favicon.php ~root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/Document.php ~root/website_review/extensions/tcpdf/ETcPdf.php ~root/website_review/extensions/tcpdf/tcpdf/tcpdf_autoconfig.php ~root/website_review/extensions/tcpdf/tcpdf/config/tcpdf_config.php ~root/website_review/widgets/LanguageSelector.php 

v 3.0 – 2014.07.25

Reduced CPU usage and decreased traffic during PDF review generation process. Read here to get more information.

Added Files/Directories:
 ~root/website_review/extensions/recaptcha ~root/website_review/models/DownloadPdfForm.php ~root/website_review/config/recaptcha.php 
Modified Files:
 ~root/website_review/messages/(da|de|en|fr|es|it|nl|ru)/app.php ~root/website_review/controllers/WebsitestatController.php ~root/website_review/components/Utils.php ~root/website_review/css/app.php ~root/website_review/views/rating/index.php ~root/website_review/views/websitestat/index.php ~root/website_review/views/websitestat/pdf.php ~root/website_review/views/site/request_form.php ~root/website_review/widgets/views/languageSelector.php 

v 2.9 – 2014.06.20

NOTE! Ignore this update if you haven’t installed the previous update (v2.8)

 Bug fix in sitemap. 
Modified files:


v 2.8 – 2014.06.18

 Added possibility to share review in social networks Added possibility to export review in PDF Some bug fixes 
Already bought? Add/replace below listed files/folders and clean cache folder (root/website_review/runtime/cache)

Modified files:

 ~root/website_review/controllers/WebsiteStatController.php ~root/website_review/controllers/ParseController.php ~root/website_review/controllers/RatingController.php ~root/website_review/views/websitestat/index.php ~root/website_review/views/rating/index.php ~root/website_review/components/Utils.php ~root/js/base.js ~root/website_review/models/WebsiteForm.php ~root/website_review/messages/(da|de|en|es|fr|it|nl|ru)/app.php ~root/website_review/messages/da/advice.php ~root/website_review/messages/da/meta.php ~/website_review/config/main.php 
Pay attention at /website_review/config/main.php. You do not need to override this file. You should replace/add keys which are listed below.
Removed URL rule:
'<language:\w{2}>/www/<domain:[\w\d\-\.]+>' => 'websitestat/index',
Added 2 new rules instead of it:
 '<language:\w{2}>/www/<domain:[\w\d\-\.]+>' => 'websitestat/generateHTML', '<language:\w{2}>/pdf-review/<domain:[\w\d\-\.]+>.pdf' => 'websitestat/generatePDF', 
Also added addthis(read here how to integrate social sharing) and thumbs key into params
 'params'=>array(... 'addthis'=>'',... 'thumbs'=>array(... ), ), 
These new key=>value pairs(addthis, thumbs, new url rules) you can find in the fresh version of the script. (root/website_review/con fig/main.php)

New files/folders:

 ~root/pdf/ direcotry (must be writeable) ~root/website_review/extensions/tcpdf/ ~root/website_review/views/websitestat/pdf.php ~root/website_review/components/WebsiteThumbnail.php 

v 2.7 – 2014.05.22

 Some bug fixes 
Modified files:

 ~/root/website_review/commands/SitemapCommand.php ~/root/website_review/yiic.php 

v 2.6 – 2014.05.20

 Mirror of v2.5 version. The only difference is that archive is not corrupted. 

v 2.5 – 2014.05.18

 Multiple sitemap support. Already bought? Just modify/add following files (make sure sitemap directory has writable permissions). Also make sure you have installed DOMDocument( 
Modified files:

New direcotry:


v 2.4 – 2014.05.05

 Filter has been added. Now you can enter "" or "DOMAIN.COM" and it will be automatically converted into "". This will avoid duplicate domains, you can copy URL from browser and paste into input tag directly without any modifications. 
Modified files:


v 2.3 – 2014.04.28

 Changed thumbnail API in favor to Pagepeeker Addded meta tag for mobile devices 

Following files has been modified

 ~/website_review/views/layouts/main.php ~/website_review/views/rating/index.php ~/css/app.css ~/js/base.js 

v 2.2 – 2014.04.07

 Added Danish Interface 
Added/Modified files:

 ~/root/website_review/messages/da/app.php (added) ~/root/website_review/messages/da/meta.php (added) ~/root/website_review/messages/da/advice.php (added) ~/root/website_review/config/badwords/da.php (added) ~/root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/TagCloud/CommonWords/da.php (added) ~/root/website_review/vendors/config/main.php (modified) 

v 2.1 – 2014.03.31

 Improved SMTP error handling 
Modified files:


v 2.0 – 2014.03.22

 Some bug fixes Some css fixes 
Modified files:

 ~/root/css/app.css ~/root/website_review/views/site/request_form.php ~/root/website_reviews/vendors/TagCloud/CommonWords/it.php 

v 1.9 – 2013.09.23

 Added Italian Interface 

v 1.8 – 2013-10-20

 - Better content recognition and tag cloud generation - Added possibility to filter website with bad content. 
Read here more information about website filtering with bad content.

New/Modified files:

 - ~/root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Utils/Helper.php (modefied) - ~/root/website_review/config/main.php (modefied) - ~/root/website_review/commands/ParseCommand.php (modefied) - ~/root/website_review/messages/(en|ru...)/app.php (added new phrase) - ~/root/website_review/config/badwords/ (added a list of files containing stop words) 

v 1.7 – 2013-09-26

 Bug fixes: - improved dublin core meta tags recognition - improved heading recognition W3C Valid index page Features: - Possibility to get website's review via url 

Changes from previous versions

Added new translations: ~/root/website_review/messages/es, nl and other directories

Improved some DOM recognition

 ~/root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/Content.php ~/root/website_review/vendors/Webmaster/Source/MetaTags.php 

A little changes in HTML files to pass W3C validation
 ~/root/website_review/widgets/views/languageSelector.php ~/root/website_review/views/layouts/main.php ~/root/website_review/views/site/index.php 
Changed core files:
 ~/root/website_review/commands/ParseCommand.php ~/root/website_review/controllers/ParseControllers.php 
Canges in config/main.php file
 'languages' => array(... Added new languages..), 'instantRedir' => false, // Whether allow to do review on the fly. 

Read here how to do instant redirect by requesting url (without submiting a form)

v 1.6 – 2013.09.23

 Added Spanish Interface 

v 1.5 – 2013.08.24

 Added Dutch Interface Improved "viewport" and "apple" tags detection 

v 1.4 – 2013.08.03

 Removed dependency with some PHP.INI settings. Improved parsing of non English websites. 

v 1.3 – 2013.07.04

 Added German Interface 

v 1.2 – 2013.06.23

 Added French Interface Added stopwords to the filter 

v 1.1 – 2013.06.20

 Added robots.txt Added img/logo.png Small Bug fixes. 

v 1.0 Initial – 2013.06.19

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20 June 13

Last Update:
17 February 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:

Software Framework:

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, PHP 5.0 - 5.2, PHP 5.3, PHP 5.4, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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