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Mobile / Android

Web and Native App with Icon Menu and Progressbar

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Web and Native App with Icon Menu and Progressbar - Item for Sale


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Support ICO, Skype and Phone  Tutorials Well documented with screenshots


This item is especially for beginnersComplete Android SDK, Java JDK, Android ADT and Eclipse install walktrough with screenshots. There is a Native Appinside and a Web App in the bundle. You can easily edit it with any HTML or Text Editor, just like a normal website. Build native Apps with multiple Webiews, Multiple Menus, Toast Messages and Progressbar with ease.

Features, Functions and More

Highlights and Features
  • Native app stored on the device /android/asset/www/
  • Web app (mobile website) with fixed footer
  • You can use PHP and MySQL for the web app
  • Multiple webviews
  • Choose between fullscreen, with toolbar or with all elements
  • Menus with icons and various functions
  • Progressbar
  • Custom toast messages on welcome screen
  • Check if server is available. If not, open native website or custom 404.html on device
  • Device button back is enabled
  • Javascript is enabled
  • File access is enabled
  • Custom launcher icon
  • Custom app name
  • Android Version 2.3.3 Gingerbread up to 4.1 Jelly Bean

Content of the item
  • Eclipse project folder with all .xml, .java, .txt, etc.
  • Copy and paste code as plain files (.txt)
  • Tutorial from installing Eclipse up to export your Google Play .apk file
  • Images for menu and for the app
  • Android Assets Native App with fixed Footer (CSS3, HTML5, jQUERY)
  • Android Web App with fixed Footer (CSS3, HTML5, jQUERY)
  • Full HTML futorial with tons of screenshots – The Ultimate Guide!
  • apk file for instant test on your device

The Android Device Menu
  • Close function
  • Refresh function
  • Open external Url in webview
  • Open internal native app as webview
  • You can add more menus and they are also very easy to customize

Close Gooqle Refresh Home

The App
  • jQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3
  • Fixed Footer with Icon Tabs
  • Sample Sites and custom 404 Page
  • Very easy to edit (I used Dreamweaver)

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Superior Support And Help
Please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll give support by E-Mail, Skype, ICQ and Phone.

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16 October 12

Last Update:
16 October 12

Files Included:
.apk, .java, .xml

Mobile OS:
Android OS 2.1, Android OS 2.2, Android OS 2.3, Android OS 2.3.3, Android OS 2.3.4, Android OS 2.3.6, Android OS 2.3.7, Android OS 3.1, Android OS 3.2, Android OS 4.0, Android OS 4.0.3, Android OS 4.0.4


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