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VP Newsletter

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VP Newsletter - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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IMPORTANT: Big update will be here soon (about CRON)!

NOTE: You need PHP 5.3 or superior to use this script.

This item represents a simple newsletter system, offered as a Wordpress plugin.
You can define as many newsletters as you want, and it is the same for subscribers.
The subscribers are stored in an other DB table than Wordpress members, so it will not be in conflict with them.
The plugin lets you send an email to all of your active subscribers, or a group of your Wordpress users (admin, authors, etc).


  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited newsletters
  • CRUD base for backend subscribers and newsletter
  • Newsletter history
  • Newsletter preview
  • Schedule newsletter (WP-Cron)
  • Send newsletter to a Wordpress group or active subscribers
  • Email editor (native Wordpress)
  • Email attachments (native Wordpress file chooser)
  • Subscription form Shortcode
  • SMTP Authentification
  • Fully customizable subscribe/unsubscribe email
  • Fully customizable fields (“from name”, “from email”, content)
  • CSV Import/Export of the subscribers
  • Subscription form Widget + Display old newsletters
  • Option to view the newsletter online
  • Send a preview newsletter email before sending out to everybody
  • Editable mail content for non HTML clients
  • Customize subscribe/unsubscribe automatic emails


You need PHP 5.3 or superior to use this script.

The item uses three third-party libraries.
  • PHPMailer : Simplify email handling/sending
  • Kalendae : JS Calendar
  • RainTPL : Simple templating engine


  • Fix a bug for certain PHP version about the settings (closures)
  • Fix UTF-8 encoding (mails, fields, database)
  • Fix some required links
  • Add feature to select the status when creating/editing a subscriber from the admin
  • Send an email automatically to the admin
  • Hide recipients address
  • Initial release

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11 May 13

Last Update:
27 May 13

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, Layered PNG


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