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Viral Lottery - Facebook App

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Viral Lottery - Facebook App - Item for Sale


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SAMPLE DEMO on Facebook

Run raffles and lotteries on your Facebook page.


You name the prize and amount, users will claim tickets and when counter hits zero, the winners will be picked.

Users can claim tickets with following methods

  • using your app, after they approved app permissions, they will get ticket(s)
  • if user have approved app, he will get tickets when you start a new event
  • sharing their links(posting to wall or sharing refferal link)
  • spinning the wheel(like wheel of fortune)

All listed points will make wallposts to users timeline if you allow it from admin side.

Update 03.01.2013 V 1.3_PLUS

  • New updated documentation!
  • Winners picking change
  • Users will get tickets every time when they join with your new event(previously only when user has approved app permissions)
  • ALL source code is open now
  • Some bugs fixed

Update 13.12.2012 V 1.3 – available now

1.Header file is not encoded anymore, no requests to developers server will be made

2.Also index and incl/winners file modified a bit

Update 18.10.2012 V 1.3 – available now

New update includes

1. Terms and Privacy files error solved(added mising constants to conf file)
2. Time bug in index file fixed, caused error sometimes
3. Index file HTML part is open now. You can customize and edit it for your needs now.

Update 02.10.2012 V 1.3

New version includes

  • New features for tickets. Timeline post, refferal link and Ticket Wheel. Adjustable options on admin side.
  • Added Starting time option. Counter counts now time until the start and then switches to count time till the end of the event
  • More messages to users. Timeline posts when user joins, wins on the ticket wheel or wins the prize. Emails to user when someone joins via shared links
  • User account on the main page. Collected tickets visible and always updated
  • Leader-board, shows top 10 ticket owners on separate tab
  • Improved admin side. Users page pagination and name search. Users management – ban and add/remove tickets options. Ad-banner space in header.
  • 8.10.12 update. Now you can change facebook SDK js language. API added for refferal link shortening. Twitter cuts long urls otherwise. Terms and Privacy links are now fully editable inside conf file and also translatable for users end. That’s it!


Demo is running on Hostgators babyCrock plan and has all needed features included in price. Not tested on other hosts, so recommended host is Hostgator.

  • File hosting with PHP 5 and up, ionCube loader installed
  • MySql 5 and up
  • One app per license, you have to register purchased app with your purchase code. Link to certificate will appear next to your download link and will be delivered also via email, after purchase.


Since old version has been uploaded by someone for free downloads, I’m giving help and support for latest version only.



Update 29.07.2012 V 1.2 FIX_2

Fixed to prevent looping after app approval.

Update 22.07.2012 V 1.2 FIX downloadable now

1. New counter
2. Change to CKEditor
3. Hundreds of other bugs fixed

Required: php5 and above!

Update 11.07.2012 V 1.2

1. New counter, and timezone settings
2. Posts to winners walls(offline)
3. Admin can make posts to users walls(offline)
4. Few bugs fixed (wsiwyg editors and update/save problems)

Update 20.06.2012

1. Ticket system is now consistent with the Facebook TOS
2. Switch fangate ON/OFF
3. Users wallpost switching ON/OFF
4. Show request button ON/OFF
5. Add your link to app page
6. Privacy Policy and Terms of Service files UTF-8 problem solved(added)
7. Few bugs fixed

Users who have accepted and installed application are able to claim tickets to participate on your lottery.Users can claim through the “Get Tickets” button. Tickets amount depends on users friend amount and you can adjust it from admin side(look at the admin tab). You will collect a lot of LIKES and new page visitors when running lotteries on your facebook page. All participants have to like your page first(you can switch it ON/OFF).

Almost all front-end actions are running on jQuery. No page refreshes when user moves around and claims tickets to your lottery.

You have good control over app from admin section, wich is integrated into application(not separate url, it is inside your lottery system, see live preview).


Features you have

  • Name the prize and amount of it (for example: money prize, iPod, cellphone, ebooks, dvds)
  • Set the ending time
  • Give a title
  • Describe your lottery (WYSIWYG editor, you can add images and videos)
  • Set up email- and wallposts messages
  • Save and run your lottery
  • Application will draw the random winners when the end time is crossed, based on amount of prizes you set
  • You can also save your RULES, PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF SERVICE files from admin section


When your lottery is open

  • Invite people to your lottery, send to friends or advertise it
  • Users will join, their names, emails, birthdays and some more data goes to your database
  • After joining, application makes post to user timeline, about the user has started using your app(NEW: Set on and Off from admin)
  • Users have to like your facebook page first to be able to claim the tickets (NEW: On and Of from admin)
  • NEW! Tickets are based of users friend amount and its adjustable
  • App posts again to the user timeline and tells that this user have x amount tickets on lottery now. (NEW: Set on and Off from admin.
  • When time is up, winner(s) names appear at the top of the page and emails will be sent to the winners
  • You’ll se all users,claimed tickets and winners from Admin section

It’s a good possibility to get more visitors and likes and fans to your page.


•MySQL database and serverspace with PHP

•You need secure urlhttps://.Installed SSL certificate on your domain (you can use free shared SSL cert instead, explained in documentation)

•Facebook account

•Knowledge about FTP file upload

In any situation please contact me via profile page or leave a comment.

Item page image creditbradleyplohnson from flickr

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14 June 12

Last Update:
7 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL


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