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Vimeo Feed - iOS XCode Project

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Vimeo Feed - iOS XCode Project - Item for Sale


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Vimeo Feed is an iOS XCode project which illustrates the versatility of utilizing the built in URL request objects along with the XML parsing objects to perform GET transactions against the Vimeo RSS generator in order to allow for retrieval of video feeds from a specific user’s account. Then utilizing the table view and custom table view cell style objects, the information retrieved from the Vimeo RSS feed can then be displayed in an easy to read and uniformly dynamic layout to be presented to the user. All together this application is a quick and easy way to include your Vimeo videos within your own application to increase your media exposure and introduce the ability to showcase a wider range of media and interactive features in your application.

This particular application has been designed to be as compatible as possible with the broad range of iOS devices while also maintaining an ease of use for the end-user and an easy setup process for the application builder. The specific examples built in to the project application showcase videos from a randomly selected user on the Vimeo network who happened to have 30+ videos available to showcase the speed of the application when loading long lists of videos. Setting up the application is as easy as inserting your Vimeo video RSS feed URL into the designated area of the code which is clearly marked and explained in the source code files.

The layout and arrangement of the source code in the .h and .m files, as well as the .xib files makes it very easy to integrate the navigation based project directly into your own project, or even migrating the code and components over to your existing project. You even have a base layer of graphics available for modification, inspiration, or at least reference when specifying the various icons required for cross-device compatibility. The .plist file has been updated to include the icon array used to specify the available icons which the Apple devices will then choose from based on which icon is needed by the device be it the iPhone/iTouch, including Retina display, or the iPad.

This application also incorporates the use of a navigation controller to provide a video detail screen viewable by selecting a video from the main table. This video detail screen is enabled to show a larger thumbnail of the video, while also retrieving the title, and description that has been specified for that video. To reduce network bandwidth and increase application efficency, the images are downloaded, converted to data objects and stored into an array locally. This allows for the image to only be downloaded once while displayed in multiple locations across the application. The result is a smooth scroll in the table view, faster load times, and reduced lag between transitions.

An embedded Web View is used to view the Vimeo videos removing the need to use the iOS Safari browser and keeping the user within your application. This version also utilizes the built in iOS Default Cell Style option with some customization for greatly improved scrolling and reduced memory overhead compared to custom created cell styles.

To retrieve the RSS feed for a user’s videos, simply browse to that user’s account on Vimeo and select their “Videos” section. Once you are on this page, view the HTML source for the page and locate the section of code similar to the following: <link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”some user’s videos” href=”” />. Copy the link found in the “href” attribute and paste that into the VideoRssUrl section of the application files.

What’s Included

Contained within the ZIP file downloaded from the Envato Marketplace / website, you will find five (5) different directories; Application, Documentation, Graphics, Legal, Screenshots.

  1. The Application directory contains all of the source code files and XCode project file needed to load and build the Vimeo Feed application on your own machine, and integrate the necessary files with your own projects. Archives of all version are included.
  2. The Documentation directory contains the Help document.
  3. The Graphics folder contains the PNG versions of each Apple device icon such as the standard icon for iPhone 3/3GS, higher resolution Retina version, and icon for iPad size. It also includes the AppStore icon as well as the Source PNG file designed within Adobe Fireworks. Also included are two example of loading screen images as required by Apple in standard iPhone resolution and retina resolution.
  4. The Screenshots folder contains various reference screenshots of the application on the home screen and while being used.
  5. The Legal folder contains the trademark and copyright notices for any source and credit attributions.

Included Graphics

I have included multiple PNG Icon files with this project, including but not limited to the following

  1. Application Icon for iPod / iPhone / iPad devices
  2. Application Icon for Retina devices
  3. Loading Screen for iPod / iPhone devices
  4. Loading Screen for Retina devices

Each respective Icon file was formatted according to Apple’s Icon and Image standards and specified in their developer guides and documentation.

Application Versions

This XCode project was built using the following application and framework versions and tested on a live iPhone 4 device running the latest software release

  1. XCode Version 4.2 (4C104)
  2. Interface Builder Integrated with XCode 4.2
  3. iOS Simulator Version 5.0 (266)
  4. Active SDK iOS Version 4.3 / 5.0 Beta 2

Release Versions

Version 1.0.1(current)
* Added Orientation Support
* Optimized View Usage
* Implemented Unique File Naming Conventions
* Known Issues
- Vimeo uses Quicktime Safari/Webkit Plugin and HTML5 for full screen video. Some devices require a pinching motion to exit out of full screen mode and in some cases playback controls do not appear. Additionally, stopping playback before the end of the media may cause the title bar to appear under the status bar until orientation shift. We are working as quickly as we can to remedy these two bugs and will release updates as soon as we can for any issues found to be within the iOS application itself. Any HTML5 content pushed by the Vimeo site is outside the scope and bounds of our control. We will try to make all issues known as we come across them.

Version 1.0.0
* Core Application

Update Notification

If you would like to be emailed when new versions are submitted to Code Canyon, you are more than welcome to sign up for our newsletter. Emails will only be sent when there is important information about Vimeo Feed, such as known bugs or errors, and when there are new versions ready for download. Use the link below to access the signup form

Sources and Credits

All source code is original, and associated project graphics were created in house. While the graphics are free to be used in your project, royalty free, or modified as needed, please keep in mind that other users will have the same access to these same files as well so be sure if you do modify the images to add enough personal touch so as to better differentiate your version from the original to prevent conflicts with other user’s versions of the files.

The Vimeo name and logo, are the respective property of Vimeo, LLC in the United States and other countries.

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2 June 11

Last Update:
1 July 11

Files Included:
.h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PNG

Mobile OS:
IOS 4.1, IOS 4.2, IOS 4.3


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