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Viewcount for Wordpress

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Viewcount for Wordpress - Item for Sale


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A plugin that will display the viewcount on your post and pages based on the user’s IP address using Wordpress Transients API, with optional expire settings. Prevent bots from visiting your page and making a view count. You can choose between normal or nice number format. Very clean solution and perfect for any theme! Includes a widget to display the most viewed posts and a widget to display stats on posts.


  • Option to switch from ‘Normal’ to ‘Nice’ number format
  • Use widgets with individual settings (custom post types, number format, thumbnails, custom css)
  • Viewcount shortcode and template tag functions
  • Expire settings (Is set to ‘Never Expire’ by default)
  • Reset Expiration Settings. (Remove all IP addresses saved on Viewcount)
  • Exclude bots from making a viewcount (Popular bots included by default)
  • Filter and display by time (eg. Today, Yesterday, Current Week, Last Week)
  • Viewcount Dashboard Widget (Overview)
  • Support for Internalization (Spanish language included)

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For feature requests or suggestions, please contact me via WorldWideScripts.nethere.


v1.1.6 06/22/2013

  • Feature: Viewcount Dashboard Widget (Displays overview)
  • Feature: Privacy option for viewcount on posts
  • Feature: Privacy option for Viewcount Post Stats widget
  • Fixed sorting for Viewcount Column
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated language files
  • Minor changes, fixes

v1.1.5 06/19/2013

  • Improvement: Viewcount in columns for ‘Edit’ page is now sortable (in Posts, Pages and Custom Post Types)
  • Minor changes

v1.1.4 06/17/2013

  • Feature: Support for Internalization (with Spanish language included)
  • Feature: Now displays the viewcount in columns on ‘Edit’ page
  • Minor fixes

v1.1.3 06/15/2013

  • Feature: Ability to customize CSS style for each Viewcount widget
  • Feature: New filter by time on Viewcount widget (eg. Today, Yesterday, Last Week)
  • Feature: New Viewcount Post Stats widget
  • Improvement: Additional security for plugin
  • Improvement: Optimizes tables if deleting transients
  • Improvement: Can pass a second argument in get_viewCount() to display count by time
  • Improvement: Shortcode can now have a second attribute to display count by time
  • Updated documentation

v1.1.2 – 06/05/2013

  • Feature: New option to exclude bots. (Known bots are already included by default)
  • Improvement: Better UI, with advanced section
  • Improvement: Added a minimized version of the admin javascript file
  • Minor changes & cleanups
  • Updated documentation

v1.1.1 – 06/02/2013

  • New meta box not showing on custom post types is now fixed!
  • Minor changes

v1.1 – 06/01/2013

  • Feature: Added a meta box on Post Edit page to change initial value
  • Improvement: Secured meta field for Viewcount, Only admins have access to edit value
  • Minor changes
  • Fix on javascript file
  • Updated documentation

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30 May 13

Last Update:
23 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


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