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VG Content Portfolio - Filter your Articles

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VG Content Portfolio - Filter your Articles - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Content Portfolio let you show your portfolio using the native Content Component of Joomla 2.5. Show your articles from your categories. You choose wich categories to use.

You can filter the articles by categories without refreshing the page!

How to install and configure it? – Quick guide

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How to configure it?

Category Contendos Select the categories show portfolio. Free Therres Free HTML5 Thenies Free PSDThenies Joonila Extensions Modules Tenp4ates Filter Articles Any.,. Filter articles Featured, Featured Any. Ordering type Creation Date Chose the ordering Creation, Modified date, Ordering. Ordering ASC Set teh ASC DESC. Intro Text long IDefine your intro text long. Images Show Show not the first image the article case that the articles has Color Style Default Choose the predefined color style.

How to add an icon to the Category?

Tilulo Pictures add Icon the category, just edit the Category padie adding litle image the Description Estatus Pubkado Accso Peirnisos peieos Idloma Tooo BIUL3 ftntiavJy 11Ufika Path pimg

How to load into an Article?

  • Create a module VG Content Portfolio and assign a custom position name. (EXAMPLE: myportfolio)
  • Create or Edit an Article and add the syntax: {loadposition myportfolio}
  • Just save and that’s it!

Change Log

17 August 2012 – Initial update


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18 August 12

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
Joomla 2.5

Extension Type:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP


eCommerce, All Items, articles, categories, content, filter, items, jquery, portfolio