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Vehicle Logger app

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Vehicle Logger app - Item for Sale


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Simple app to log the expenses for any vehicle. Add a new vehicle by selecting it’s brand, image, purchase, production dates and other important ones (e.g.: insurance validity date) and good to go. Open the freshly added vehicle’s detail screen and add expenses. It’s up to you what you specify, being a fine, fuel or repair, just choose the proper type and hit done. You can even add note to each expenses.

This project uses custom view animation, slide in effects, that makes UX lot smoother and responsive. With the custom date pickers, it’s easy to pick a desired date and with gesture recognisers text editing has never been this easy.

Everything is well organized, following coding pattern MVC (model, view, controller), each is in separate folders, classes, for quick understanding and easy modification. This project uses core data, to store data in the app, once you save something that will be there, till you delete it. Don’t have to worry about quitting the app and losing your data.

IPM Ferrart F12 G.dn. Total p.nt Romeo Total spent

About the project

  • ARC and support iOS 5+.
  • Retina display ready (of course)
  • Core Data to store your data
  • includes Localizable.strings, ready to support multiple languages.
  • custom table cell and table views
  • fetchcontrollers
  • loading elements from .plist files
  • image picker to pick an image from camera or library
  • delegate methods
  • PSD included
  • custom date picker
  • custom navigation bar, barbuttons
  • custom splash screen
  • custom empty list screen
  • NSOperationQueues and GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)

New version contains (05. March)

  • Fixes for performance, loading issues
  • Cleanup in code

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30 December 12

Last Update:
6 March 13

Files Included:
.h, .m, .pch, .xib/.nib, Layered PSD

Mobile OS:
IOS 5.0, IOS 5.1, IOS 6.0


TableView, animation, car, carlogger, core data, custom, datepicker, fetchcontroller, graphics, ios, iphone, log, picker, plist files, vehicle