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WordPress / Membership

User Profiles Made Easy - WordPress Plugin

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User Profiles Made Easy (UPME) is a full featured front-end profile, login and registration plugin for WordPress. It is user-friendly, fully responsive and works with any theme. With this plugin you can stop sending your users to the ugly back-end profile, registration and login pages, and instead give your users a seamless front-end experience on pages that match the rest of your website.

UPME takes your profiles to the next level, allowing you to create unlimited custom profile fields and to completely customize the registration form. You control which fields are required, which fields users can edit, which fields are private, and much more. You can even display your users in a beautiful, searchable members directory, or just show one or two specific users on any page or post you want using one of the many included shortcodes. The possibilities are endless!

Includes many easy to use shortcodes with loads of options and is fully customizable.

UPME is not fully compatible with WordPress Multisite

Latest version: 2.1.06 – 2015.11.16 (System Requirements and Changelog)

Note: UPME 2.1.02+ versions uses new Facebook SDK version and hence you need PHP version 5.4 or higher to use UPME. If you are using PHP version 5.3 or lower, you will have to use 2.1.01 version.

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UPME is Packed with Features:

General Features:

Elegant, responsive front-end profiles with unlimited custom fields
Beautiful front-end Login & Registration forms with shortcodes
Compatible with all (properly coded) themes
SEO Friendly profile permalink options (see example)
Integration with Yoast SEO for SEO features. (View More)
Support for sharing profiles on Social networks.
Enable/Disable third party script and styles
Works automatically with any existing usermeta data and usermeta fields from other plugins
Show/promote a specific user or group of users anywhere with shortcode
Fully responsive, adjusts beautifully to any screen size
Easy to use shortcode generator
Fully translatable to any language using.po files
Import/Export custom fields.
Import/Export UPME settings.
Export UPME users.
Custom actions and filters for adding more features using other plugins
UPME Developer API for retrieving UPME data for other plugins and themes
New features added regularly!
Dedicated support forum!
Enable/Disable third party script and styles

Login and Registration:

Login with email or username
Add/Remove fields to login form through filters. (View More)
Add/Remove fields to registration form through filters. (View More)
Multiple registration forms with different fields using filters. (View More)

1-Click social login and registration with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ (View More)
Force different user roles on each registration form through filters. (View More)
Customize login and registration header through filters. (View More)
Custom validations on Login and Registration using filters.
Enable user role selection on registration form
Users may set password when registering
Password strength meter and support for forcing password strength level
User Profile Approvals allows admin to manually approve users before they login
Two-Factor authentication with email allows users to improve the security of login credentials.
Compatible with Invitation Codes Addon for enabling registration through invitation codes.
Sidebar Login Widget/Shortcode
Image uploading in registration forms

Profile Features:

Display profile picture inside the profile in custom dimensions and design. (View More)
Customize profile header through filters.
Create multiple user profiles with different fields using filters.(View More)
Trigger profile field updates and notify admin. (View More)
Custom validations on profile updation using filters. (View More)

Automatically works with Gravatar, or users may upload custom profile pictures and avatars
User-uploaded avatars work everywhere on WordPress (comments, bbPress avatars, etc.)
Standalone profile page, link to user profiles, or current user profile automatically
Lightbox Avatar Cropping for profile image
Users may easily View/Edit their profiles
Private profiles that user can decide to make profile public or private
Ability to delete profiles after confirmation by user.
Newest Members Widget
Link user display names to UPME profile pages or author archives
Display profiles based on User Role
Restrict Viewing of Other User Profiles based on user role
Open user profiles in awesome popup windows
Cover image for user profiles
Multiple profile header and cover image designs
Latest members widget and shortcode

Search and Member List:

Customizable, search-able, paginated Members List
Search and Filter by Custom Fields (see demo)
Display member list based on user roles
Display member list based on custom field value
Order search result based on custom field value
Create multiple search forms with different conditions. (View More)
Supports profiles inside lightboxes in member list
Display random member list with custom user range.
Support for searching partial text in text based field types.

Custom Profile Fields:

Unlimited custom fields for profiles and/or registration (text, drop-down, radio, checkboxes, etc.)
Create shortcode fields using filters. (View More)
Create dynamic lists for checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons. (View More)
Restrict allowed file types for each file upload field. (View More)
Video Field creates Responsive Videos Automatically
Soundcloud Field enables embedding and playing soundcloud audio
Support file uploads forany file type using filters
Many pre-defined fields ready to use
Private fields that only admin users can see an edit
Locked fields that users may see but not edit
HTML fields (embed Videos, Audio, Maps, etc.)
Optionally allow users to hide some or all fields from public view
Display specific custom fields by User Role
Profile help text on profile fields
Enable/Disable custom fields for registration form
Create required fields.

Admin Panel:

Custom fields may be added to profiles, registration forms, or both
Optionally block access to WordPress backend login & profiles, redirect to front-end UPME versions
Admin panel with profile customizer for creating and organizing fields.
Change default theme for UPME
Block backend login, profile and registration
Allow other user profile ediitng capabilities for non-admin users.

Email Module:

Email module allows custom templates and data through template tags.
Enable/Disable sending of predefined emails.
Customize registration email for users.
Customize registration email for admins.
Customize user activation email for users.
Customize user activation email for admins.
Customize password reset email for users.
Customize user approval notification email for users.
Customize profile field update notification email for admins.
Provides many filters for completely customizing the emails.
Enable notifications for all administrators of website.
Customize email sender name and email.
Conditional email fields through filters.

Content Restrictions Module:

Enhanced Private content shortcode for member-only protected content
- Allow or block private content based on user roles
- Allow or block private content based on user ID’s
- Allow or block private content based on custom field values
Private content module that restricts specific portion of the site based on user roles and guests.
Display private content restriction messages in predefined design templates.

Enable custom restriction rules for private content shortcode. (View More)
Disable entire RSS feed or part of RSS feed for guests
Site lockdown module that restricts entire site for guests.
Redirect users to last visited page after login.
Conditional shortcodes for members and non-members.

Posts/Custom Post Types Features:

Display author posts under the UPME profile (View More)
Recommend posts/pages/custom post types to other users. (View More)
Display recommend posts/pages/custom post types in profile tabs. (View More)
Favorite(Bookmark) posts/pages/custom post types. (View More)
Display favorite(bookmarked) posts/pages/custom post types in profile tabs. (View More)
Reader to mark posts/pages/custom post types as read/unread. (View More)
Display posts/pages/custom post types in profile tabs with read status. (View More)

Third Party Integrations:

Woocommerce profile integration.
View Woocommerce Orders, Downloads, Reviews and Profile inside UPME profile.
475+ FontAwesome icons(Version 4.2.0) to choose from for your profile fields
Integration with Visual Composer for UPME shortcodes.

Use built-in Foundation and Zocial icons for your profile fields using filters.
Add support for any icon font library for profile field icons through filters.
Add custom icons on custom fields through filters. (View More)
WooCommerce auto-sync with user account (shipping/billing) fields
Add reCaptcha or FunCaptcha or Captcha (Free version only) or No Captcha security captcha to registration or login forms
Support for adding any Captcha plugin through filters.

UPME Cards:

Team Cards offers the ability to group you users into teams with awesome designs.

Slider Cards offers the ability to display your users in a beautiful slider to optimize the web page.

Author Cards offers the ability to display your post authors with simple and clean design.

Frontend Publisher – Free Addon:

Create/Edit/Delete posts from frontend UPME Profile. (View More).
Define default post statuses for new and updated posts.
Enable post creation/update/delete for all logged in users.
Restrict post creation/update/delete based on user role.
Assign tags and categories while creating/updating posts.
Upload featured images for posts.
Use WordPress post editor and media uploader for working with posts.
100% AJAX based solution for managing posts.

Features with Free Addons:

Create and send invitation codes to email addresses from backend (View More).
Restrict registration to users with valid invitation code (View More).
Using Google No Captcha reCaptcha for spam protection in registration and login (View More).

Private Content Plus – Third Party Premium Addon:

Advanced content restrictions for your site and UPME profile. (View More).
Restrict content by User roles.
Restrict content by User role Levels.
Restrict content by WordPress capabilities.
Private content tab/Private Page for user profiles.
Restrict menu for members, guests, user roles.
Restrict content by multiple custom fields.
Restrict content by multiple custom field values.

All In One – Third Party Premium Addon:

Profile Tabs creation with dynamic content. (View More)
Additional custom field types ( File uplods, Visual editor, Chosen select, Embedly Cards, Google Maps etc). (View More)
Group custom fields into different profile tabs. (View More)
Display fields in profile header section. (View More)
Multiple registration forms builder and manager. (View More)
Add users to Mailchimp subscriptions lists. (View More)
Multiple user listing builder and manager. (View More)
Assign and manage User Badges. (View More)
Multiple profile display builder and manager. (View More)

Gallery – Third Party Premium Addon:

Create awesome image galleries and display inside profile. (View More)
Create awesome image sliders and display inside profile. (View More)
Display image galleries and sliders inside profile tabs.(View More)

Search and Member List – Third Party Premium Addon:

Display letters on search and search by first letter of selected custom field. (First Name, Last Name or any other allowed custom field types). (View More)
Store recent search terms of your users and let users search by recent search terms. (View More)
Display table based member list instead of default member list. (View More)
Built-in custom designs for member lists. (View More)

Contacts – Third Party Premium Addon:

Display contact details of profiles including address, email and telephone in a separate tab. (View More)
Display location of profile owner in a google map. (View More)
Add a contact form to let other members contact you through email. (View More)

Social Connect – Third Party Premium Addon:

Facebook Like and Share field for sharing UPME profile.(View More)
Facebook Send field allows users to privately send user profiles on your site to one or more friends in a Facebook message, to an email address, or share it with a Facebook group(View More)
Facebook Follow field allows users to follow your FB account from UPME.(View More)
Facebook Comments field allows users to comment about your profile and contact the profile owner.(View More)
Facebook Page field allows profile owners to share their Facebook profile in a simple widget. (View More)
LinkedIn Share field for sharing UPME profile.(View More)
Twitter Share field for sharing UPME profile.(View More)
Twitter Follow field allows users to follow your Twitter account from UPME. (View More)
Twitter Mention field allows you to mention a Twitter account and let other users contact you through your Twitter profile.(View More)
Twitter Hashtag field allows you to create tweets with specific hashtag.(View More)
Google Share field for sharing UPME profile.(View More)
Google +1 field for sharing UPME profile.(View More)

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Version 2.1.06 (2015.11.16)
 * New Feature : custom designs for private content messages * New Feature : latest members shortcode and design * New Feature : new header and cover image designs * Added : setting to enable/disable Visual Composer shortcodes * Added : ajax loading icon to form submit buttons * Added : shortcode attribute to hide profile tabs * Added : Captcha support to system generated login forms * Added : social login support to login widget * Added : support override BuddyPress/BBPress avatar with UPME Picture * Fixed Bug : issue with post buttons on archive pages * Fixed Bug : issue with password field in edit profile * Fixed Bug : issue with profile post tabs * Removed : edit address link from Woocommerce tab 
Version 2.1.05 (2015.10.15)
 * Added : filter to customize help text on registration form password field * Added : new icon to Woocommerce tab * Added : support for hiding Separators from user roles/members/guests * Added : support for file fields in registration * Fixed Bug : issue in backend user activation * Fixed Bug : issue with profile modal only loading once * Fixed Bug : issue with required file upload fields * Fixed Bug : issue with post features buttons on archive pages * Fixed Bug : issue with Google login not working with user role 
Version 2.1.04 (2015.09.16)
 * Added : support for post creation with UPME Frontend Publisher * Fixed Bug : user actions not working in mobile devices 
Version 2.1.03 (2015.08.31)
 * Improved : custom field manager functionality and performence * Added : compatibility with WordPress 4.3 * Added : support for Woocommerce 2.4.6 * Added : field name to update notifications email * Fixed Bug : issue with detecting Woocommerce in multisite * Fixed Bug : UPME Visual Composer code loading in frontend * Fixed Bug : quotes not working on combined search 
Version 2.1.02 (2015.07.31)
 * Added : support for latest Facebook API for social login * Added : username as option for profile title * Added : support for custom search filters * Fixed Bug : issue with user role in multiple registration forms * Fixed Bug : issue with Visual Editor on frontend 
Version 2.1.01 (2015.07.12)
 * New Feature : Show/Hide fields by loggedin user role * New Feature : Support for multislect search * Fixed Bug : issue with edit profile on member list * Fixed Bug : issue in update notifications for checkboxes * Fixed Bug : issue with duplicate cover image field * Fixed Bug : issue with Visual Composer shortcodes * Fixed Bug : issue in post feature button locations * Fixed Bug : PHP Notice on SEO features * Fixed Bug : conflict is Fancybox loading 
Version 2.1.0 (2015.06.21)
 * New Feature : cover image for user profiles * New Feature : SEO features with Yoast SEO plugin * New Feature : support for profile sharing in social networks * New Feature : support for searching partial words * New Feature : favorite(bookmarks) posts for users * New Feature : recommend posts to other users * New Feature : post reader to manage read/unread posts * New Feature : profile edit capability for non-admin users * New Feature : collapsible field separators * New Feature : integration with Visual Composer plugin * Fixed Bug : required file upload fileds not working * Fixed Bug : invalid icon in activation success message * Fixed Bug : issue with private empty field labels 
Version 2.0.29 (2015.05.23)
 * New Feature : recursive sub page restrictions * New Feature : social login and registration with Facebook,Twitter,Google+,LinkedIn * Added : filters to hide Woocommerce sub tabs * Fixed Bug : php notice on separator fields * Fixed Bug : style issue with comment avatars * Fixed Bug : unnecessary spacing in email tags * Fixed Bug : function name conflicts with other themes * Removed : No captcha reCaptcha by Google and added as an addon 
Version 2.0.28 (2015.05.04)
 * New Feature : support for No captcha reCaptcha by Google * New Feature : restrict posts by category * New Feature : restrict sub pages using parent page * Added : chosen select dropdown for search filters * Fixed Bug : UPME email filters are only used for UPME emails * Fixed Bug : issue with email links not working * Fixed Bug : remove duplicate delete profile buttons 
Version 2.0.27 (2015.04.24)
 * New Feature : ability to hide custom fields for guests * New Feature : ability to hide custom fields for members * New Feature : display image fields on backend profile * New Feature : enable profile update notifications for main admin email * Added : compatibility for WordPress 4.2 * Added : View Profile button to users in backend * Added : translation support to countries list * Added : View Page buttons for System Pages * Added : last login timestamp for users * Added : profile update notification support for image fields * Added : profile update notification support for checkbox fields * Improved : support for missing translations * Removed : tinyMCE script on unnesessary locations * Removed : thickbox script loading * Fixed Bug : XSS vulnerability issue with WordPress functions * Fixed Bug : issue in profile update notification sending when using quotes * Fixed Bug : missing function in profile visibility * Fixed Bug : issue with using quotes when creating custom fields 
Version 2.0.26 (2015.03.20)
 * New Feature : Image uploading on registration form * New Feature : change profile status of multiple users at once * New Feature : conditional shortcodes for members/non-members * New Feature : conditional email fields through filters * Added : partial support for profile editing for non-admin users * Added : user and user data export * Improved : support for missing translations * Fixed Bug : issue with array type fields in import/export * Fixed Bug : issue with function names in email filters * Fixed Bug : issue with adding quotes for settings field values * Fixed Bug : issue with adding quotes in email templates * Fixed Bug : php notice in delete profiles 
Version 2.0.25 (2015.02.25)
 * New Feature : Import/Export UPME custom fields * New Feature : Import/Export UPME settings * New Feature : Profile deletion for users from frontend * Added : additional parameters to registration and profile filters * Added : support for custom titles in latest members widget * Added : support for Enable/Disable username on register form header * Added : support for + sign in email validation * Added : support for customize text of "Your Name will Appear Here" * Added : HTML support for help text option * Added : settings section for managing custom fields * Fixed Bug : issue with blank email templates * Fixed Bug : compatibility issues with Woocommerce recent versions * Fixed Bug : error with FunCaptcha latest version * Fixed Bug : translation issue in recaptcha titles * Fixed Bug : error in activation message content * Fixed Bug : PHP notice in profile field save process * Fixed Bug : PHP notice in woocommerce tab * Fixed Bug : PHP notice in UPME cards * Fixed Bug : PHP notice when country is set to blank 
Version 2.0.24 (2015.01.21)
 * New Feature : Woocommerce profile integration * New Feature : profile tabs for loading custom content * New Feature : random users and user range for member list * New Feature : email notifications for all administrators * Added : compatible with WordPress version 4.1 * Added : login link to registration form * Added : hide admins from latest members widget * Added : new email templates for approval and confirmation * Added : from name and from email to settings * Fixed Bug : PHP error in invitation codes addon * Fixed Bug : duplicate Woocommerce fields list in backend profile edit * Fixed Bug : duplicate approval emails * Fixed Bug : only display active members in latest members widget * Fixed Bug : checkbox deselect not saving on backend profiles * Fixed Bug : quotes not working in custom field help text 
Version 2.0.23 (2014.12.24)
 * New Feature : Two-Factor authentication with email * New Feature : compatibility with UPME Invitation Codes addon * New Feature : Implement filters for profile header * Added : addon list in settings section * Added : support for redirect users to previous page after login * Added : setting for disable third party script and styles * Added : ability to validate image dimensions with filters * Added : ability to show error messages on profile image upload * Fixed Bug : PHP error message in registration 
Version 2.0.22 (2014.12.07)
 * New Feature : UPME Cards for Post Authors and Teams * New Feature : User profile slider * New Feature : Implement custom fields in admin email templates * Added : * sign to required fields * Fixed Bug : tooltip not showing issue in upme settings * Fixed Bug : separator text issue 
Version 2.0.21 (2014.11.12)
 * New Feature: link post author link to UPME profile * New Feature: display UPME author profile after post content * Fixed Bug : fix issues in icon names for Fontawesome 4.2.0 * Fixed Bug : fix issues in search for WordPress versions prior to 4.0 * Fixed Bug : display error in checkbox fields 
Version 2.0.20 (2014.11.09)
 * New Feature: support for Captcha plugin by BestWebSoft * New Feature: support for adding any captcha plugin through filters * New Feature: email module with custom templates and template tags * New Feature: ability to enable/disable sending emails * New Feature: Foundation and Zocial icon libraries are built-in and accessible through filters * New Feature: support for additional icon libraries through filters * Added : compatibility with Fontawesome version 4.2.0 * Fixed Bug : conflict in error messages when using email confirmation and user approvals 
Version 2.0.19 (2014.10.23)
 * New Feature: support for multiple registration forms through filters * New Feature: create individual registration forms for each user role * New Feature: support for multiple search forms with different conditions through filters * New Feature: support for multiple user profiles through filters * New Feature: customize profile header design and content through filters * New Feature: adding contents after separators through filters * New Feature: dynamic lists for checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons through filters * New Feature: trigger profile field updates and execute custom actions through filters * New Feature: restrict file types on individual file upload fields through filters * New Feature: customize login form header through filters * New Feature: customize registration form header through filters * New Feature: support for custom validations on login, registration, profile update through filters * New Feature: support for custom messages on login success and failure through filters * New Feature: support for customizing login fields through filters * New Feature: support for customizing registration fields through filters * New Feature: support for customizing profile fields through filters * New Feature: customize field icons and adding new icons with filters * New Feature: display profile picture inside the profile through filters * Added : compatibility with WordPress version 4.0 * Added : enable shortcodes on custom fields through filters * Added : support for custom restriction rules through filters * Fixed Bug: using re-Captcha on with HTTPS * Fixed Bug: PHP error in member list pagination * Fixed Bug: error messages in profile email validations * Fixed Bug: unable to load datepicker on backend profiles * Fixed Bug: issue in site lockdown module for URL’s with query strings * Fixed Bug: OR operator not working properly in search * Fixed Bug: PHP error in login process 
Version 2.0.18 (2014.09.06)
 * New Feature: social login and registration using UPME Social addon * New Feature: user approval and activation cancellation for administrators * New Feature: display lists with limited number of users without pagination * Added : clear date functionality for date pickers * Added : support for hide administrators from list using shortcode attributes * Added : filters for adding hidden fields on UPME forms * Removed : UPME shortcode buttons for non-admin users * Fixed Bug: unable use ampersand in radio, checkbox and dropdown field values * Fixed Bug: issues with required attribute in video and soundcloud fields * Fixed Bug: issues with apostrophe in help text * Fixed Bug: user cache not updating in backend user creation 
Version 2.0.17 (2014.07.07)
 * New Feature: Private content module for specifying global restriction rules * New Feature: Enhancements in private content shortcodes to allow custom conditions * New Feature: API for retriving UPME data for other plugins and themes * Fixed Bug: Issues in search when using mutiple conditions * Fixed Bug: Approval and Activation status not updating when creating users from backend * Fixed Bug: Typo issues in terms and conditions message * Fixed Bug: File upload error messages * Fixed Bug: Issue with enabling tinymce editor in frontend through other pluginsFix * Fixed Bug: Private field showing issue in backend * Fixed Bug: Issue with additional columns in WordPress user list * Fixed Bug: Blank default values not displaying issue for date fields * Added : Filter for defining custom class for texteditor fields * Added : Support for deleting existing profile images on new uploads * Added : Support for improved success messages on email confirmations and user approvals 
Version 2.0.16 (2014.05.13)
 * Fixed Bug: Profile not updating in backend section * Fixed Bug: Typo errors in image upload filters * Fixed Bug: Permission issue on profile social icons section * Added : Filters for adding dynamic forms or content on View Profile * Added : Filters for defining custom CSS styles for textareas 
Version 2.0.15 (2014.05.09)
 * Fixed Bug: Images not displaying on profiles 
Version 2.0.14 (2014-05-06)
 * New Feature: Implement AJAX support on custom field creation/update. * New Feature: Implement terms and conditions checkbox on registration * New Feature: Implement profile status to display/hide profiles(Private Profiles) * New Feature: Implement user profile approvals for administrators * New Feature: Implement sorting on search results based on custom fields * New Feature: Implement meta key filters for search * New Feature: Implement search result count on member lists * New Feature: Implement filters for adding hidden fields in UPME forms * Added : Translation support on uncompleted strings * Added : Specific CSS classes for custom fields for advanced styling * Added : Translation support for built-in custom fields * Added : Displaying User Role Name instead of User Role Key in Profiles * Added : UPME action hooks for User activation * Added : Support for non image file uploads using filters and actions * Added : Remove combined search using shortcode attributes * Added : Filter for customize password help text message * Fixed Bug: Display separators based on user role * Fixed Bug: User cache not updating for new users * Fixed Bug: Login with email when email confirmation is enabled * Fixed Bug: Login with usernames specified like emails * Fixed Bug: Visual editor shortcode buttons icon in WordPress 3.9 * Fixed Bug: Redirect registration page to user profile when user is logged in * Fixed Bug: Blank options in drop down fields not working in registration * Fixed Bug: PHP error in Sync/Tools section 
Version 2.0.13 (2014-03-26)
 * Fixed Bug: Profile fields displaying issue in WordPress backend profile edit 

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25 February 13

Last Update:
17 November 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Compatible With:
WooCommerce 2.4.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, WooCommerce 2.0.x, WooCommerce 1.6.x, WooCommerce, WooCommerce 1.6

Files Included:

Software Version:
WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8


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