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Universal Wordpress Blog App

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Universal Wordpress Blog App - Item for Sale


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Item description

This Titanium template gives you the ability to create a universal app, meaning one app that works natively on both iPhone & iPad. This gives users a more interactive experience putting your posts, tweets and other information into a handy app that can be released onto Apples app store.

Main features

  • Add any two categories or pages from your blog
  • Integrated twitter feed
  • Add any offline info you wish via the fourth tab (changelog etc.)
  • Very robust code
  • Full PSD ’s for application graphics
  • Comes with a mobile wordpress theme
  • Detailed documentation
  • Works on both iPhone & iPad & iPod Touch (Universal app)
  • You can if you want have two separate looks for iPad and iPhone

Get the Example App

I advise checking out the example app linked below (dont worry its free)

If you wish to check out a working example head to click the blue Appstore button. This is the app for thehttp://imattic.comblog


Version 1.2
  • Now works in landscape mode
  • Admob now integrated
  • Built with the latest Titanium 1.8 SDK
  • Slimmed code and made the popover easier to manage

Version 1.1
  • Added Wordpress PSD ’s
  • Altered Wordpress theme style
  • Fixed minor code bug preventing Titanium from building for device
  • Optimised Wordpress theme quite massively by killing many now unused images and slimming code


Let me know what features you want to see in future updates! Also don’t forget to rate this item.

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1 December 11

Last Update:
3 January 12

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, Layered PSD

Mobile OS:
IOS 3.1, IOS 4.1, IOS 4.2, IOS 4.3


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