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Ultimate Google Maps

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Ultimate Google Maps - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Ultimate Google Maps by Inceptive Design Labs provides an easy way to create and display Google Maps.

Key Features

  • Easy Map Creation
  • Various Map Types
  • Custom Map Style Using JSON
  • Driving Directions
  • Select points from map
  • Customizable Maps & Points
  • Show Maps Everywhere with Shortcodes
  • Multiple Maps per Post/Page
  • Widget Support
  • Custom Marker Icons
  • Import/Export Points
  • Google Maps visual refresh new look
  • Responsive layout
  • Shortcode Editor Buttons
  • No API Key or Setup, Just Install And Enjoy!

Customers Feedback

Just want to say thank you. The support I got was great. It took less than 10 minutes for you guys to respond and solve the issue. I´m blown away! The plug-in works great and is very simple to use. Good work!
This is a great plug-in and customer support is excellent. I could not be happier with my purchase! I liked it so much that I looked for other Inceptive products and decided to buy their Ultimate Weather plugin too. They may be new to Envato, but they clearly have their act together. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more WordPress plugins from this company! – somewhere
Plug-in works great. Had a tiny issue but this was resolved really fast by support and has been covered by a plug-in update too. Played with a few of these Google Map plug-ins, this is the best so far for my needs. Very easy to use admin interface. Being able to drag a marker in to place without co-ordinates is really useful and quick too. – AppleTiger
Plugin works, and support was prompt and informative. Many thanks! Voted 5 stars. – sjo1jcl
Thanks again for the great plugin, and our rating is 5 stars! – rapala
This is still one of the better map plugins I have found. – grindle
The plugin is working perfectly, I will leave you a 5 star feedback rating. – darren
Buy! Love this! – BetterGraphic
Great Plugin – all is running well. – infobroker
Your plugin is great! – p36p
The plugin works fine! – recep
Great work! – ifergad

Map Types

Markers Map

Controls on map

Portugal Madrid Snain Map Satellite Minsk Belaru Choose Poland View All Hamburg Berlih Netherlands Glum Germany Prague okharkiv Czech Rep.Krajcow, Ukraine ans Dnipropetrovsk Hungary Romania esa Black Sea Barcelona Bulgaria data Basatsoft, Goodie, Tecms Use I. Kgdom Ireland Denmark linoon Bay Bis cay Italy Rome

Controls outside the map

Menu View All Title Title Title Kingdom Ireland noon Portugal Mand Black Sea Georgia Bssarsoft. Google. use Title Title Title Title Denmark Paris Map Satellite Bay Biscay Barcelona SPovakea.4 Ukraine Hungary Moldova omania NaIes

Polyline Map

Bay Portugal U.,grid Start Title Title Title United Kingdom Ireland IJJ Map data g2013 Sascft. Tes use

Polygon Map

United Kingdom Ireland don tayoV Lithuania, Denmaric Mln,k Hamjur Belarus View All Berlin Netheflindl Poland Title Thie CzechRep Title Hungary Odesa Romania Croatia Torino Bleck Sea Italy Bulgaria Berc8lona MaP data Baswsoft, Terri Portugal Madnd Snin

Custom Marker Icon

r,ccr,oU Cafe Vafe

Directions Map

1794.189km Bay 8iscay Nantes Toulouse Italy Mac Data Twis Us. Report rror

Driving directions

HeIIdeOn!avoo ttAjvou Meats GoogIe Terns Use Report map erroc 0.6 about mins Head south Gerasimou Pardalilrtpaaipou flapOci1q toward Patriarchou Itpooipou 0.2 Turn right the 3rd cross street onto Mitropolitou KIrilIouIMqTpoTroAhou Continue onto 0.2 Turn right onto Skinerllpcivtp 0.1 Chania Rooms Ulios Studios FIor flap. Map Satellite Turn right the 3rd cross street onto Mitropolitou Kirilloul MqTponoMTou.KupIMou Calefe nents 0.555km erasimou Pardali Chania 731 31. Greece

Draggable Points

Drag and drop the points to recalculate distance, route and driving directions in real time! (check demo)


Map Custom Style

Pehqos uko4ies Kalyves Leppa Mires MQV Vamos eIIje AJmwou Penomi ItkJ Remimnon Perame Heriion Arcanes Kroeisonas Kestelli Ida Idi ArlcaIodiofl Zeros Pakhnei Hora Map data 2O13saisoft, Goo9Ie. Tefms Report iiiap error

Google Maps visual refresh

Below can see the two nodes sidebyside the map the left shows default Google Map the map the has btsual refresh enabled WUouitbvg Saeete Mit OSydney Nvc, Crokwel Rqatamapn frIiqhby Mae ftje LiverpOol okwstviIle mdent Kernba MQJVaI 4,Pr 24Yma Gotibim I4aronMPfl STh Non neon.n.,.

Fusion Map

Ubiakie AIQ.ra LIbya ArabIa Mal Ner NI9erla Anq5 ctata ide Teems Use Cb.ada North Pacific Jq. Map Satellite AIIantvC Ocean Coo,.4a Kazaihelan A1qan Pakisean IndIa

Admin Features

Easy Map Creation And Administration

Itv flNlS44 ID. cnve Uap

Select Points From Map

Map Points Tile Hiaklion Descnplon This Qfl cityj Cuslom Icon URL blank stIi The Aichanes usonas S.o kOoa Ooi Laal 35326330263074 LonItud, Loca Herakljon 713 07. Greece 0013 Oo9b. R,pote ivo 2211914062 ZoomLeel Sedi

Search For Location In Map

.IOrn AqI abIude 9837155 Longitu. Update Map Locabon A.th4ns, Greecp Seardi Map

Shortcode Functionality

Automatic Shortcode Creation

Map Shorteode use this map, insert toIIowng shortcode the content

Shortcode Editor Buttons

Select Map Create Custom Map

Select Demo Cancel

Create Custom Map Longitude Latitude Zoom Map Width Map Height Description Marker icon Show info Window Cancel

Widget Functionality

Map Ultimate Google lvlaps Test map Map 200

Import/Export Feature

Edit Map N.ap Map Export Points Edd Vbewhlap Map Shorteode use this mao. mseii tollowing shuOde the content i.t4V S22 New Iwan mil expoet ponP aflG us. rn.5 WsIthe.244


v1.2.5 - September 25th 2014 * Minor fixes * Compatibility with WordPress 4.0 v1.2.4 - June 27th 2014 * Added editor buttons v1.2.3 - June 20th 2014 * Removed editor button due to WordPress latest versions incompatibility - will be added in future update * Scripts update v1.2.2 - April 22nd 2014 * Minor fixes v1.2.1 - February 01st 2014 * Scripts update v1.2 - November 20st 2013 * Places search autocomplete v1.1.9 - August 12th 2013 * Fixed bug about html code in title and description v1.1.8 - June 29th 2013 * Enable/disable scrollwheel zooming on the map feature * Fixed minor bugs v1.1.7 - June 27th 2013 * Responsive layout * Fixed unicode bug v1.1.6 - June 13th 2013 * Added directions map imperial and metric unit system choice * Fixed minor bug v1.1.5 - June 4th 2013 * added Google Maps visual refresh support to bring a fresh new look using the Google Maps JavaScript API * fixed minor bugs v1.1.4 - April 22nd 2013 * added Google Maps types selection (ROADMAP, SATELLITE, HYBRID and TERRAIN) * added estimated cost in directions map (using a factor) v1.1.3 - April 13th 2013 * fixed buttons and labels wrong display bug v1.1.2 - April 8th 2013 * added functionality for custom map style using JSON v1.1.1 - April 1st 2013 * fixed minor bugs v1.1 - March 22nd 2013 * Added picker functionality to select points from map or search for it * Added Import/Export Points functionality * Added map shortcode button in Visual Editor to easily add a map * Remove Point buttons moved to right * Add Point button moved to bottom right * fixed minor bugs v1.0.3 - March 21st 2013 * fixed minor bugs v1.0.2 - March 18th 2013 * added functionality for custom shortcode with settings as attributes * added functionality for driving direction * fixed minor bugs v1.0.1 - March 16th 2013 * added functionality for custom marker icon v1.0 - March 14th 2013 * initial release 


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14 March 13

Last Update:
9 October 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2


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