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Ultimate Blog App

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Ultimate Blog App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Ultimate Blog is a Titanium Mobile application developed for Blog and Web Site owners. Building mobile app for web or blog can be very expensive and time consuming.
This is all in one app. It is configurable through one file only. So you will need very basic programing knowledge.
App works in iPhone ( all models including iPhone5 ), iPad and on all Android devices and versions.
App is well structured into Modules, so it is stable, easy to debug and extend.

Online up to date documentation:


One of the best feature of this app is that it has 4 types of navigation
  1. Tabs – Default tab navigation
  2. Dash – Pink dash style navigation
  3. Metro – Inspired by the Window 8 Metro Style navigation
  4. List – Good looking decorated list menu
You can view the different types of navigation in the screenshot section. To go from one menu style to another you just have to change one line in the configuration file. Described in the documentation

Color Variants

There are 7 predefined templates / skins that that the app can have. This color variants are independent from the menu system. Very easy you can add your own template or change existing one to suit your needs. The screenshots are made from the “Pinki” and “Twilight” template. So now you have 7 templates and that combined with the 4 navigation style gives you the 28 variants of app UI.

News section

This is the main part, the core of the app. This module is robust module that can fetch data from:
  1. WordPress – Displays recent post and categories of posts from your blog with the help of JSON API plugin.
  2. Joomla – We developed special component for Joomla that allow Blog app to connect to your Joomla site, and display articles, and categories, native joomla and K2. (Included in the item)
  3. RSS – Well if you have blog/web site and it is not Joomla or WordPress, then you sure can connect it with your RSS feed.
  4. Twitter – Maybe you have only Twitter. So yes, you can display post from your twitter account.
The process of configuration is very straightforward. The module has Share to Email and Facebook options so you will reach more users to your blog and the app.


The gallery is robust and good looking gallery that can fetch albums and galleries from
  1. Facebook – display your Facebook fan page albums and photos, together with description of the photos.
  2. Goolge + / Picas can also be used as source for this gallery module.
  3. Flickr gallery will fetch you public images from flickr.
  4. NextGen gallery is a gallery that works with the latest working version of NextGen for Wordpress 1.9.13.

Videos module

The music module will fetch and play all your videos from YouTube or Vimeo. We have added special UI decoration so the videos are presented perfectly in the 3 platforms. Check out the screenshots.


Well as the name, it is a contact form, so you can receive feedback from your app user. All you need is to upload the sendmail.php file ( provided with the app ) to your php supported server.

About section

About section is a handy place when you can display some web location. For example create some simple web page and show it as our about section in the app.


In this section you can add links to whatever you need. Website, Fb profile, Twitter etc..

Push notifications

There is a Push Notification integration with UrbainAirship. Push Notification for for iPhone only. Working on providing Android push notification. *Note that the push notification are not automated when you add new post or article to your blog


  1. Easy to implement – follows CommonJS standard
  2. Async image loading
  3. Easy to change any object color
  4. 10 min set up, work in only one file
  5. Different UI


There is no bug less software. So please before leaving negative review, if you have problems or question contact me throuqht the question section. I will do my best to help you. The app contains 3766 lines of code ( not including comments ).

Buyer words

Customer service is 10 stars and templates are always easy to understand i will recommend any template that dimovdaniel has you will save hrs of work and great support. – Kurt777

I bought the app, and so far i’m very satisfied with what I can do with it. This might be the one single best product I bought in CodeCanyon ever. -bmorina

I have only one thing to say for the people who are thinking to buy this item in codecanyon…Great support from the developer,the best support i have ever seen so far!!!! Just get it,and for sure,you will have a running application even if you are a newbie like me in mobile application development – ugurbak

Great app so far – best i’ve found out there in terms of turning wordpress to app -halinab1423

Change log

 Version 4.3 - February 6 2014 * Open Youtube videos in special web view with just the video inside. Version 4.2 Updated February 1 2014 * Works for Titanium SDK 3.2.0 * Changes in iPhone icons for the app Version 4.1 updated October 8 2013 * Support for iOS7 * Works with latest Titanium SDK 3.1.3 GA 

 Version 4.0 updated August 6 2013 * Twitter feed fixed * Updated documentation * Fixes in the Facebook share 
 Version 3.0 updated May 15 2013 * Works with latest Titanium SDK * AdMob Ads for Android and iOS * Changes in the news Sections * Fixes in the Facebook Gallery * Special characters problem fixed in android * Other smaller bug fixed 
 Version 2.1 updated February 13 2013 * Joomla 1.5 support * AdMob Ads (iOS only) * Pull to refresh (iOS), loading indicators in android * Retina support for Facebook gallery * Fixes for big screen android devices like S3 and ONE X * Fixs in Video section and other small fixes 
 Version 1.1 updated January 24 2013 * K2 Support added * Updated documentation * Extended algorithm for finding images in article/post 

Sources and Credits

  1. Jenifer Lopez Youtube Chanel ( For screenshots in video )
  2. Envato Flick Stream
  3. Glyphish icons


*You will need MAC computer and Apple Mobile development license to build your app for iPhone and iPad

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16 January 13

Last Update:
6 February 14

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, PHP

Software Version:
Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3, Android 2.3.3, Android 2.3.4, Android 2.3.6, Android 2.3.7, Android 4.0, Android 4.0.3, Android 4.0.4, Android 4.1.x, Android 4.2.x


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