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WordPress / Interface Elements / Menus

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

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UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Dynamic Item Generation Build submenu content automatically from posts terms Filter category type, parent more Choose sort order columns Custom Post Types

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The Ultimate WordPress Menu

UberMenu™ is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive Mega Menu WordPress plugin. It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Mega or Flyout Submenus
  • Compatible with Mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Touch-enabled
  • Build advanced submenu layouts with the built in column grid system

Easy to use

  • Rapidly develop Mega Menus from your pages, posts, custom links, or any content!
  • Works out of the box with most WordPress 3 Menu-Enabled Themes
  • Integrates directly with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System – work with the system that you know and love!

Fully Configurable

  • Dropdown CSS3 Transitions
    Shift Up, Slide Down, Fade, or None
  • Trigger Hover, Hover Intent, or Click
  • Includes 25 popular Google Fonts
  • Vertical or Horizontal menus
  • Multiple UberMenus can be configured independently

Responsive & Mobile

  • Responsive layout
  • Configurable Breakpoint
  • Unified Touch Experience across OSes (includes touch support for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 )
  • Optional submenu close buttons on touch
  • Independently placeable responsive toggle
  • Hide items for different screen sizes

Tabbed Submenus

  • Tabs can be oriented left, right, top, or bottom of content panels
  • Click, Hover, or Hover Intent can be configured independently from the main trigger
  • Static or Dynamic content

Easy to Customize

  • Tweak menu colors, sizes, and fonts with the Customizer’s Live Preview
  • Customize individual menu items’ styles right from the Menu Item Settings
  • Simplified CSS selectors make writing custom styles a breeze
  • Includes LESS stylesheets for developers

Advanced Content

  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Posts Grid
  • Search bar
  • Shortcodes
  • Widgets
  • Google Maps
  • Contact Forms (with Contact Form 7 plugin)
  • Custom HTML
  • Tabbed content

Dynamic Items

  • Generate items from post or term content
  • Works with Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types
  • Works with Categories, Terms, and Custom Taxonomies
  • Filter results by type, term, parent/ancestor, author, etc
  • Set maximum results, sort order
  • Automatically inherit featured images
  • Automatically divide results into columns

Advanced Submenu Layouts

  • Built-in responsive grid
  • Individually configure the width of each column, or set a default for each submenu
  • Columns wrapper to group multiple items
  • Row items allow centering of submenu contents
  • Set background images for each submenu
  • Optional scrollable submenus for extended content

Integration Options

  • Automatic integration for themes that meet the requirements
  • Manual integration code generated in the Control Panel
  • Includes an UberMenu widget to place UberMenu in your theme’s widgetized areas
  • UberMenu Shortcode allows placement within site content (generator included)

Works great with

And much more!

  • Independently override trigger on each menu item
  • Scroll-to-section functionality
  • PHP & Javascript API for developers


  • WordPress 3.9+
  • Use of the WordPress 3 Menu System
  • For Automatic Integration, a theme that meets the Requirements
  • jQuery 1.11+ (any site running WordPress 3.9+ should be using this)

Important Notes

  • UberMenu will not automatically adopt the style of your theme, unless your theme has an UberMenu-specific stylesheet. You’ll need to customize the styles on your own to recreate it if that’s what you want
  • If your theme has not properly implemented WordPress 3 Menus, UberMenu may not work out of the box. You can add it to your site with a single line of code via Manual Integration

Support Resources


If you have questions beyond the Knowledgebase or Video Tutorials, the Support Center is available to you. Please note that all support requests must be submitted through the support center, and questions through all other channels (including Item Comments, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc) will be referred there. Thanks for your cooperation! (You can click the “Support” tab at the top of this page for more details on support)

Mobile Menu Alternatives

UberMenu is fully responsive and provides its own mobile menu. However, if you’d like to separate your mobile menu from UberMenu, we offer a free solution which complements your UberMenu installation:


UberMenu Extensions

There are a variety of plugins available that can extend the functionality of UberMenu:

Icons risiofl SEVENSPARK C. a. a. Tim Sports Snow Sports Ezirems Sports Snowtown Swlinp Flat Skin Pack bMen FiL 5Spo New Skins Kits Stwfln SEVENSPARK 8AccentCoIors Submenu CoLors

UberMenu Extension

Conditionals CoStcna SEVENSPARK


Always read the update instructions!

 v3.2.1.1 September 15, 2015 * Fix: Missing argument PHP warning in Control Panel for some users * Fix: When using Dynamic Posts with Automatic Columns and View All link enabled, make sure the View All link clears properly -------------------------------- v3.2.1 September 9, 2015 * Feature: Ability to set submenu dividers * Feature: Automatically divide second level items into columns (without headers) * Feature: Menu Segment caching via transients * Feature: Added menu bar orientation, alignment, item alignment settings to Customizer * Feature: Added responsive toggle button settings for font size, content alignment, button alignment in Customizer * Feature: Added Flyout divider color setting in Customizer * Feature: Added Search bar font size setting in Customizer * Feature: Added Top Padding setting for image item text, globally and in Customizer * Feature: Added ubermenutoggledopen and ubermenutoggledclose events to javascript API * Feature: Added ability to disable current menu item classes on individual items * Feature: Added 3 filters for menu item images * Feature: Added Font Family property to Customizer * Feature: Added new Google Fonts: Slabo, Titillium Web, Oxygen, Noto Sans, Cabin, Vollkorn * Feature: Added current menu item highlighting when clicking scrollTo elements in the menu * Feature: Added ubermenu_dp_title filter * Feature: Added setting to switch icons from i to span tags * Feature: Added setting to disable autocomplete in dynamic items; sites with huge numbers of terms or posts may not be able to handle it * Feature: Automatically hide active tabs when resized below the breakpoint, re-initialize above breakpoint * Feature: Added.ubermenu-responsive-toggle-open class to responsive toggle when the menu is open * Enhancement: Prevent touch off close from closing menu when user is scrolling rather than tapping * Enhancement: Updated Font Awesome to v4.4 * Enhancement: Added walker_nav_menu_start_el filter * Enhancement: Sort fonts alphabetically * Enhancement: Replace deprecated.size() with.length in ubermenu.js for improved performance and compatibility with jQuery 2 * Enhancement: Have submenu indicators inherit colors by default to avoid residual styling from theme * Enhancement: Changed “Assign Image on Save” to “Assign Featured Image on Save” for clarity * Enhancement: Added “Top Level Terms Only” option to Parent Term setting for Dynamic Terms * Enhancement: Added reset for inner menu text alignment to inherit * Enhancement: Clarified “UberMenu Loading” message and updated link to new FAQ * Enhancement: Allow custom menu item class to appear on Row items * Enhancement: Handle non-standard arguments passed in nav_menu_args array by WPML * Enhancement: Make Customizer :hover setting work on submenu hover * Enhancement: Allow HTML to be saved in Content Before Menu setting * Enhancement: Don’t display menu item limit warning if Suhosin values are set to 0 * Enhancement: Make horizontal item alignment setting apply to vertical menus as well * Enhancement: Remove custom menu styles when menu configuration is deleted * Enhancement: Align centered items left on mobile * Enhancement: Allow tabs to toggle submenus on mobile * Enhancement: Apply scroll to offset on redirected page links * Fix: Remove comments from responsive LESS stylesheet * Fix: localized domain on search shortcake placeholder * Fix: Added ubermenu-clear-row class * Fix: Tab sizing occurring several pixels above breakpoint -------------------------------- v3.2.0.2 April 23, 2015 * Feature: Handle term splitting in WordPress 4.2 * Enhancement: Attempt to override any pointer-events CSS declarations from theme that might interfere with menu functionality * Enhancement: Make mini items display inline below primary breakpoint * Enhancement: Cast term ID as integer as older PHP versions don't interpret vars properly * Fix: When centering a drop down submenu within submenu, position relative to outer submenu * Fix: When item padding is disabled, still account for submenu indicators * Fix: For vertical menus with relatively positioned submenus, properly layer items when active -------------------------------- v3.2.0.1 March 31, 2015 * Fix: Memory leak when update info isn't set -------------------------------- v3.2 March 31, 2015 * Feature: Custom URL Override (which will process shortcodes) * Feature: Ability to show "View All" link at the end of Dynamic Posts lists * Feature: Customizer - Tab controls (toggle, color, content panels) * Feature: Customizer - top level item background color and margin * Feature: Setting to add content before the menu * Feature: Filter for configuration ID * Feature: Filter for content after dynamic posts * Feature: Filter for content after dynamic terms * Feature: Filter for Dynamic Terms images * Feature: (Experimental) Added RTL CSS to main stylesheet * Feature: (Experimental) Added setting to force current submenus open full time * Feature: (Experimental) Added setting to invert submenus * Enhancement: Update to Font Awesome 4.3 * Enhancement: Automatically set image padding on Dynamic Posts when using a custom image size * Enhancement: Ability to disable Knowledgebase Search in the Control Panel * Enhancement: Add alignment setting to widget items * Enhancement: Allow submenu scrolling setting (disabled by default due to Chrome browser rendering bug) * Enhancement: Modified responsive Tabs functionality for better UX on mobile * Enhancement: Replaced wp_is_mobile() with filterable ubermenu_is_mobile() * Enhancement: Allow descriptions in tab items setting * Enhancement: suppress_filters = false when WPML is detected for Dynamic Items * Enhancement: Added manual integration descriptions in Control Panel * Enhancement: Customizer - added Trigger and Transition settings * Enhancement: Add descriptions to controls in Customizer * Enhancement: Customizer - set top level divider for vertical orientation * Enhancement: Added scroll to event triggers, close submenu automatically on scroll to completion * Enhancement: Added basic readme * Enhancement: Don't print diagnostics script when disabled; ensure loaded after jQuery * Enhancement: Don't remove padding on bottom of stacks in columns * Enhancement: Update Support button for new support system * Enhancement: Added tooltip about 100 item limit to custom taxonomies/post types * Enhancement: Strip tags on item in autocomplete ops * Enhancement: More reliable menu item type determination in admin panel * Enhancement: Don't remove box shadow on first item in vertical menu * Fix: Add debug bar panel for helper files to prevent error when Debug Bar plugin is * installed * Fix: Prevent submenu scrolling when using custom breakpoints * Fix: Localization in search placeholder text * Fix: Automatically remove custom item styles when item is deleted * Fix: Display widget areas with a single widget at full width * Fix: Prevent max submenu height setting from causing scroll on mobile -------------------------------- v3.1.1 December 17, 2014 * Feature: Dynamic sub content, including date, author, and excerpt, as well as custom content filter * Feature: Transparent menu bar Customizer setting * Feature: Item-specific custom settings for current item color and background * Feature: Create ShiftNav toggle with menu item via Menu Item Settings * Feature: Update alerts (automatic updates coming in future release) * Enhancement: Support http/https switching for background images via protocol-relative URLs * Enhancement: Sort Customizer settings into sub panels * Enhancement: Add troubleshooter link to Control Panel * Enhancement: Sanitize inner menu IDs in case theme use improper theme location slugs * Enhancement: Detect and set border radius on left-aligned top level items * Enhancement: Set proper padding on Dynamic menu items with left or right aligned images * Enhancement: Add JS fallback for Control Panel in case other plugins throw errors * Enhancement: Update JS detection as Windows Mobile 8.1 adds Android in user agent string * Fix: Properly inherit responsive breakpoint submenu shift * Fix: Dynamic Items inherit submenu column defaults from grandparents only in Tab blocks * Fix: IE9 javascript console issue * Fix: Icons Extension index collision with Icon display setting -------------------------------- v3.1.0.1 October 15, 2014 * Enhancement: Add slugs to Dynamic Terms and Dynamic Posts custom taxonomies UI (in addition to their labels) * Enhancement: Check for Google Maps API in Diagnostics * Enhancement: Prevent Visual Composer CSS from overriding UberMenu's Control Panel styles * Fix: Submenu link clicking in Internet Explorer 11 -------------------------------- v3.1 October 12, 2014 * Feature: UberMenu Diagnostics System (Alpha) * Feature: ScrollTo Duration setting * Feature: Indent Submenu menu item setting * Feature: Import/Export Configuration settings * Enhancement: Include.pot file for translating * Enhancement: Migration "No, Thanks" dismissal now performed via AJAX to avoid unwanted redirection to Control Panel * Enhancement: Precent tooltip titles from being printed on Dynamic Terms * Updated link to Menu Item Limit FAQ in UberMenu 3 Knowledgebase * Fix: Replace second Night Sky skin with Charcoal (mislabeling) * Fix: Dynamic Items Tag parameter when not inheriting * Fix: Properly handle explicit Headers with descriptions * Fix: Hidden responsive toggle when using Sticky Extension with custom breakpoint * Fix: Overflow transitions on fade and shift when content is greater than max height -------------------------------- v3.0.5 September 28, 2014 * Feature: Scroll To Offset * Feature: Disable Images on Mobile * Feature: Clear Menu Item Settings * Feature: Lazy Load submenu images (experimental) * Feature: Show item's submenu by default * Enhancement: Improved auto-column distribution algorithm for Dynamic Items * Enhancement: Resize Tab heights when sizing from mobile to desktop * Enhancement: Disable Auto Row if Submenu Column Default isn't set * Fix: Prevent Max Menu Height setting from overriding collapsed mobile menu height when using a custom breakpoint * Fix: Include items without submenus in selector for setting individual item hover state color -------------------------------- v3.0.4.1 (September 22, 2014) * Display dimensions next to Image Size options * Added Welcome Window usability message for when other plugins interfere with bad JS * Refine Direct Injection * Add support for Safari 5 (disable transitions) * Add support for click trigger on mobile Firefox for Android * Add support for Tab toggling in non-standard Android browsers * Fix: Column width inheritance for Tabs * Fix: Individual padding setting for normal items -------------------------------- v3.0.4 (September 14, 2014) * Feature: Added Exclude setting to Dynamic Terms * Feature: Added Exclude setting to Dynamic Posts * Feature: Disable CSS filtering (from plugins that strip core functionality) * Feature: Setting to display icons inline instead of block * Feature: Direct Injection Testing * Developers: Added Dynamic Term arguments filter * Enhancement: Improved handling in Windows 8 where both mouse and touch screen are present * Enhancement: Improved handling on Firefox for Android * Support for force filtering for PHP API as well as automatic integration * Fix: Proper clearance when both top retractors are enabled * Fix: Submenu Background Size setting -------------------------------- v3.0.3.2 (September 5, 2014) - WordPress 4.0 Compatibility * Updates for Dynamic Posts, now that WordPress core functionality has changed -------------------------------- v3.0.3.1 (September 3, 2014) * Fix: Priority collision which hid Layout tab on normal Menu Item Settings -------------------------------- v3.0.3 (August 31, 2014) * Feature: Setting to configure Retractor/Close label * Feature: Submenu Column Default for Column Items * Feature: Intelligent submenu layout detection for Columns * Feature: Flyout Item Spacing Customizer setting * Feature: Force Styles option for creating custom skins * Feature: (Experimental) Added setting to allow drop downs within mega submenus * Enhancement: Added Responsive, Mobile, and Touch strategies for retractor display * Enhancement: Added active state for flyout items through Customizer * Enhancement: Only display focus state after user has pressed the Tab key * Enhancement: Remove extra Header spacing when border is removed * Enhancement: Added Widget Area Manager access through Widgets section to make it easier to find * Enhancement: Added object ID parameter to custom item layout filter * Enhancement: Escape HTML attributes * Enhancement: Sanitize theme locations for menu ID * Enhancement: Add overrides for link_before and link_after * Fix: Responsive toggle selector specificity in Customizer * Fix: Proper handling of auto row when top retractor is present * Fix: Grandparent inheritance of submenu column defaults for Menu Segments * Fix: Remove pixel offset when no border is set and on Fade transition -------------------------------- v3.0.2 (August 17, 2014) * Enhanced non-standard Android browser compatibility * Enhanced Windows Phone browser compatibility * Added vertical menu full height flyout submenu support * Make Close button translatable * Improved Sticky wrapper responsive handling * Hover state appears regardless of touch * Fix: allow unprefixed custom classes * Fix: IE8 image sizing media query escape character * Fix: allow font weight setting to override Google Font global setting -------------------------------- v3.0.1 (August 5, 2014) * Feature: Ability to switch responsive toggle tag to anchor, span, div, or button * Feature: Menu Bar Margin-top and Margin-bottom settings in Control Panel * Refined: Icon-only positioning * Refined: Mobile submenu scrolling for Android rendering * Fix: Skin selection in Customizer * Fix: Proper drop shadow clipping for horizontal vs vertical -------------------------------- v3.0 (August 3, 2014) * Complete rewrite of UberMenu from the ground up. Detailed change log coming soon. -------------------------------- v2.4.0.3 (January 16, 2014) * Re-added filtering to UberMenu Direct & Easy Integration to avoid settings overwrite from other plugins * Fixed Easy Integration Shortcode return output issue (for use in widgets) -------------------------------- v2.4.0.2 (December 20, 2013) * Refined Theme Location Instance functionality to better handle multiple menu scenarios -------------------------------- v2.4.0.1 (December 20, 2013) * Added ability to target specific instance of theme location (helpful for themes with responsive menus with duplicate theme_locations) * Added ability to disable Control Panel Search * Fixed title attribute bug for timthumb images (only affected customers using timthumb in -------------------------------- v2.4.0.0 Feature Update (December 18, 2013) * Improved Android touch functionality * Improved Windows 8 Touch functionality * Updated media uploader for thumbnail selection * Disabled admin update notifications, which caused slow admin if cURL was not configured * Updated Support Guide link * Allow HTML in descriptions * Use WP's packaged hoverIntent * Updated timthumb (note: there was no security risk) * Ability to disable img tag title attributes * Fixed backface-visibility issue with old Firefox/Windows * Updated tour -------------------------------- v2.3.2.2 (September 9, 2013) * Added support for UberMenu Icons Extension * Added ability to disable image title tooltips * Minor CSS tweaks -------------------------------- v2.3.2.1 (August 20, 2013) * Fixed broken Style Generator Preview caused by new colorpickers. Update only necessary if you are using the Style Generator and need Preview functionality -------------------------------- v2.3.2.0 (August 19, 2013) * Replaced Color Picker with WordPress standard color picker * Updated iOS close button functionality to work with latest jQuery * Optimized thumbnail size when not using timthumb * Change enqueue script hook * Added ability to align flyout submenu to right * Added map marker for lat/lng -------------------------------- v2.3.1.1 (August 2, 2013) * Resolved Strict Warnings that appear in PHP 5.4 + WordPress 3.6 * Added php.ini path notice to max_input_vars warning for convenience * Resolved Content Override escaped quotes issue for customers still using Magic Quotes * Added first menu item hover border radius for style generator -------------------------------- v2.3.1.0 Minor Feature Update (July 16, 2013) * Tested with WordPress 3.6 Release Candidate * Updated resource links * Updated tour tips * CSS Tweaks * Control Panel interface tweaks * uberMenu_direct shortcode * Pulled out responsive breakpoints into config.less file * Added ability to customize Search and Go text in search bar shortcode * Added Search Bar style settings to Style Generator -------------------------------- v2.3.0.2 Enhancements & minor bug fix (April 21, 2013) * Added ability to add or strip reset styles from non-UberMenu-generated divs and spans * Added ability to disable iOS close button functionality * Improved iPad functionality under "Click" trigger * Added POT file * Fixed CSS issue with responsive menu bars button -------------------------------- v2.3.0.1 Bug fixes (April 13, 2013) * Fixed Timthumb path bug * Fixed Easy Integration Shortcode bug -------------------------------- v2.3.0.0 Feature update (April 11, 2013) * Updated Search Box Styling * Ability to name custom widget areas * Improved localization * Added ability to include custom javascript * Ability to disable updates * Separated basic.css into LESS stylesheets for easier customization * Improved compatibility with nested plugin styles * Improved Windows 8 Mobile touch compatibility * Fixed minor skin bugs * Please be sure to read the upgrade notes - -------------------------------- v2.2.2.0 Forward-compatibility upgrade (January 24, 2013) * Added jQuery 1.9 compatibility (will be required for WordPress 3.6) * Fix for jQuery hidden overflow bug with border-box box-sizing * Updated Timthumb (note: there was NO security risk with the previous version) -------------------------------- v2.2.1.0 - Feature Release & Improve Admin Efficiency (January 15, 2013) * Fix: Increased admin javascript efficiency for WordPress 3.5/jQuery 1.8 * New Feature: Ability to set Hover color for Second Level Links (Submenu Header Links) in Style Generator * Improvement: Updated alt and title attributes for recent post short code images * Improvement: Changed default image size from 25 to 16 -------------------------------- v2.2.0.0 - Compatibility and Feature Release (December 12, 2012) * WordPress 3.5 compatible (only issue was updating the Administrative Tool Tip Tour Script for jQuery 1.8 compatibility). * Added mobile menu interface to all iOS devices (easier closing of menu) * Smart image-text padding -------------------------------- v2.1.0.0 - Feature Release (August 22, 2012) * Enhanced responsive capabilities, with collapse option * Enhanced submenu detection for flyout menus * Enhanced submenu controls for mobile devices * Improved responsive theme handling to avoid duplicating mega menu * Various CSS enhancements -------------------------------- v2.0.2.1 (June 14, 2012) * Fixed update alert error on front end -------------------------------- v2.0.2.0 (June 13, 2012) * Ability to center menu items within menu bar * Various CSS and JS refinements * Revised menu item options to use a single variable (increases menu item limit imposed by PHP) * Added update notifications -------------------------------- v2.0.1.0 (February 14, 2012) * Enhancement: easy centering of menu bar * Enhancement: Android force-click option (emulates iOS on touch screens) * Fix: "Are you sure you want to do that" nonce-collisions in Control Panel * Now allows use of "No Link" + Content Override + Images all together * Fix: Form element clicking in Chrome using new basic "hover" trigger * Added ability to have transparent dividers and set glow to 0 in Style Generator -------------------------------- v2.0.0.1 (February 10, 2012) * Added compatibility with other plugins that use lessphp * Improved compatibility with plugins that don't use jQuery closures properly. -------------------------------- v2.0 (February 9, 2012) Biggest update ever. Complete rewrite. See what's new here: ================================ v1.1.4 (December 13, 2011) WordPress 3.3 Compatibility for featured images & other minor enhancements. At a minimum, upgrade requires: * wpMegaWalker.php * wp-uber-menu.php * wp-uber-menu-admin.php * wpmegamenu_admin.js However, it is recommended to upgrade the entire package together. Be sure to back up first, especially custom styles! -------------------------------- v1.1.3 (August 3, 2011) Security Upgrade & Minor Enhancements * Updated to latest TimThumb (security patch) * Prevent superfluous UberMenu JS from loading in admin area * Menu thumbnail SSL support * Miscellaneous enhancements -------------------------------- v1.1.2 (March 29, 2011) Use UberMenu in text widgets, improved widget alignment, and better support for non-standard compliant themes. * New uberMenu Easy Integration Shortcode allows use of UberMenu in text widgets * Even better support for themes that don't follow WP coding standards with jQuery * Improved alignment of widget areas * Fixed Opera positioning bug * Recent Posts shortcode image fix -------------------------------- v1.1.1 (March 2, 2011) * Added control panel option switch in and out of jQuery noConflict mode to better support themes that don't follow WP coding standards. -------------------------------- v1.1 - Major Update (Feb 25, 2011) * 11 New Style Presets * Increased out-of-the-box compatibility with complex themes * Top level widget capabilty - add a search box widget to your menu bar! * Auto Align second-level menu items option * Easy Integration Support for themes that don't natively support WP3 Custom Menus * Support for Pure CSS (non-jQuery) menus * Support for image-only menu items (no text) There were a variety of changes, so if you are upgrading, be sure to back up your old wp-uber-menu folder before installing the new version -------------------------------- v1.0.3 (2011-02-04) Fixes some bugs that occurred with certain theme implementations: * jQuery namespace bug ($ vs jQuery) * Thickbox front-end javascript bug * "Disappearing sidebar" effect that occurs with themes that don't specify a sidebar index/ID * Improved featured image handling - fixed issue that overrode featured image capability with certain themes. -------------------------------- Version 1.0.2 (2011-01-24) v 1.0.2 makes the Menu Item Image support more robust. Depending on how the relevant theme is implemented, in certain cases it can keep the plugin from enabling featured images on menu items and vice versa. This update will fixes that issue by making sure both can work together. -------------------------------- Version 1.0.1 (2011-01-23) v1.0.1 fixes an issue with the included shortcodes (columns and recent posts w/ excerpts). If you are using or intend to use these features, please upgrade :) Don't forget to backup your custom.css file if you've made style customizations! 

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23 January 11

Last Update:
15 September 15

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9


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