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JavaScript / Sliders

Two Steps Slider

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Two Steps Slider - Item for Sale


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2 Steps Slider helps you to show additional content on your sitewithout disturbingyour users with big sliders. It willslide from up or downthe screen when user scrolls a determined number of pixels but, it will show only an image inviting toclick or hoveron it at first step. When any of this occurs, the rest of the content will appear as a second step slider. This permits users not to get annoyed by the content.

If the user click agains (or leave the content), the content will slide up (or down) again to first step. And if the user scrolls up the window, all the slider can be hidden.

2 Steps Slider ishighly configurable.

Main Features

  • Hidden slider that appears when user scrolls down
  • Tablet compatible
  • First step will show only an image inviting the user toclick or hover
  • Addany contentyou want (video, Nivo slider…) that will show up when user interact with the slider
  • Automaticcalculation of the animations based on CSS
  • Normal orreversemode. Slider can be located at top or bottom of the page. Demo will show you both modes
  • Highly configurableDecide number of pixels to activate the animation (or 0 if you want it to be shown always), animation speed, etc

Don’t heasitate to contact me for any doubt. If you are thinking in a functionality for this slider, let me know

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1 April 12

Last Update:
12 April 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


hidden, scroll, scrollable, slider