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Twitter FollowMe for Chrome

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Twitter FollowMe for Chrome - Item for Sale


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It’s possible to get 1000 followers in a day with FollowMe, if you want to make your own network for your company advertisement needs, so why you waiting buy it now!

Create dozens new twitter account on twitter, then give access to FollowMe for manage your accounts. He know the way to increase followers even for your new accounts.

FollowMe is a browser extension about twitter management for social network companies or who familiar with twitter! You can manage dozens twitter accounts at sametime and also can increase twitter followers at sametime just using with FollowMe.

You need to pay one time and then you can use it for all your twitter accounts!

Configure the application in a good way, then the application will make your account more social by itself.

FollowMe is a fully-fledged Twitter client for Chrome browser!

FollowMe can help you to increase your follower on Twitter! FollowMe can follow back to your new follower automatically. Also very usefull with Cheepy Music! You can listen millions music online just using with FollowMe, Integrated with youtube,fizy,prostopleer

Brings new tweet notifications to Chrome – You’ll never need a desktop client again!

It brings new tweet notifications to your desktop using Twitter’s streaming API – meaning tweets, DMs and @replies all appear instantly – faster than most desktop clients!

It also makes use of Chrome’s Desktop Notifications feature to provide notifications on your desktop outside of the browser window – even if isn’t open!

The extension features a full timeline view available at all times from the browser toolbar, allowing you to read and compose tweets and DMs, as well as retweet, favourite and reply to tweets.

This extension uses OAuth to connect to Twitter, so you wont need to enter your username or password into the extension itself, so your account details are completely secure.

Q. How To Get Lots Of Twitter Followers Fast? A. Definitely using with this application.

Update Notes

  • Updated with new twitter rest api version 1.1
  • Auto unfollow section doesn’t work anymore because of Twitter api v 1.1 does not allow to get all followings list anymore

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5 March 13

Last Update:
17 June 13

Application Runtime:

High Resolution:

Compatible OS Versions:
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7


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