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TurnThePDF - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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New update is available now :

  • Added BASIC project which compatible with both iPhone and iPad
  • Fix crashing error in iOS 6

Are you looking for an iBook like application but for your PDF files? Your solution is here! TurnThePDF is a PDF reader with real page turning and great features for iPad. this project helps you to create a PDF E-book reader application for your purpose.

How to import your PDF file :

  1. Just drag a PDF file into the poject and make sure that Add to target is checked.
  2. In the viewDidLoad method write the name of your file, for example
 SetPDFName = @"file"
See in action :

Turn The PDF :

  • Click build and run to setup the project on Simulator or your Device.
  • When application lunched, swipe left or right to drag a pice of paper.
  • also you can tap on the left or right side of book moving through pages.

Gestures Guide :

  • Slide down to open Preference menu :

I.OBEM IPSLJ ri. attd aS.aa.flca dta III Capture page PrePererice page Cweopo9 File info Slide down open Preference

  1. Go to a specific page, just type the page number
  2. Control the brightness of the screen
  3. Capture a page as a picture, pictures will be saved in the Photos application
  4. File info, infromation about your file

  • Slide Up to open page navigator

By page navigator you can move through PDF pages.


  • Pinch to zoom the page contents :

Malesuada eleffend,,Thatbs xI.O wG.t nbc amet. riati a,Que aiailia,d bIn Sbdales aulpendGSe mIna bLiarn etlwi CCflVS ItlCnc6!fl CtCI, bCflb nbSO at. rial Intan laceset MomE n,lage rnbMot,. amot aida.npaa. mceta,,iat ma.cce. mnec.nas nqs moss. SLacip nbC a3a par.n. inea qMo lectub aget pivne vnat oeeIua vastb cici tacenet vLib. conbbcS.e.In bcIe,uin poita ii,que va.e.nt at, d9FlmI cvae aro. bbe eoneatbe b.npm Sad eaquat rIqeT i.7iii ill 1IOHFIiI Pinch and unpinch zoom and zoom out

  • Customize book colors

you can change the color of the book by changing the color of this line of code :

 BookColor = Brown;

Colors are available in : Brown, Green, Pink, Blue.


Limitation : You can show the PDF file only in portrait mode | This project compatible with iOS 5.+

Need For iPhone? : The API and Classes are compatible both with iPhone and iPad, this project is just a sample!

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28 May 12

Last Update:

Files Included:
.h,.m,.pch,.xib/.nib, Layered PNG

Software Version:
iOS 5.0, iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0


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