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tQuery - Dynamic tables

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tQuery - Dynamic tables - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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08/10/2012 Pagination bug fix
23/08/2012 Sorting and Pagination bug fixes.


tQuery makes simple HTML tables dynamic. The script combines power, flexibility and easiness. It offers great design customization, supports multiple formats for column sorting and make exporting and importing data easier.
New Feature
tQuery now support filtering. You can add a search box to your tQuery tables. The search feature give exact and instantaneous results.


  • Fully customizable style
  • Row Highlighting, alternate colors
  • Pagination and row numeration
  • Alphanumeric, numeric and date sorting
  • Easy to implement Search
  • Editable Cells
  • Export/Import to CSV
  • Very easy to use
  • Extensive Documentation

Why tQuery

There are many reasons why you should pick tQuery. First is the consistency and precision in filtering and sorting. Secondly, tQuery theme is completely customizable; you can change the whole feel and look of your tables. Finally, it’s easy to implement; no-coding experience is required.
Here are a highlight of awesome tQuery features

  • Row and Column Highlighting: Just hover over any row or column to highlight it. You can change the highlight effect by coding your own style.
  • Click to Highlight: Click a cell to automatically highlight any other cell with the same content.
  • Custom Sorting: Specify which kind of data you are sorting. You can sort alphanumeric, numeric and date formats.
  • Multiple samples: Quickly learn the usage and main features of tQuery with our associated samples.

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28 February 10

Last Update:
25 November 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


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