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TouchTooltip - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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  • Touch devices support: iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android;
  • Pure CSS tooltips with fallback;
  • Easy to apply: just add class “ApplyTooltip” and fill title attribute;
  • 4 customizable sizes;
  • 8 positions;
  • 6 gradient style themes (even in IE7);
  • 13 Metro style themes from original guide lines;
  • Any HTML content with any CSS can be placed into TouchTooltip;
  • Easy to customize (for example: you need change only 3 values to create new gradient style theme);
  • Sass + Compass sources to customize everything;
  • Extends self functionality if JavaScript is enabled;
  • Lifetime support and updates;
  • Highly simple step-by-step manual.


Please check Screenshots to see full description.

Special thanks

Bug tracker

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Password: codecanyon


Version 1.2

  • Updated code for usage with jQuery from 1.9;
  • Tooltip’s hiding improved (issue touchtooltip-4);
  • Fixed touch behavior on iOS (issue touchtooltip-5).

Version 1.1

  • Major changes in structure of project;
  • Added minified version to minified directory;
  • Fixed adding links to the tooltip;
  • Changed name of folder lib to executable.

Version 1.02

  • Fixed positioning during inline usage;
  • Left was set as the default position when horizontal position isn’t specified.

Version 1.01

  • Fixed a bug with alignment of the tooltip with fixed size;
  • Added the Full (100%) size;
  • Added some examples.

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11 December 12

Last Update:
22 March 13

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Software Version:


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