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PHP Scripts / Project Management Tools

The Simple Client-Project Tracker

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The Simple Client-Project Tracker - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Notice – Jun. 9 2011: much needed big fixes and updates coming within the next few weeks. I am sorry for those who have been having issues. I am in the process of responding to all comments/emails.

The Simple Client-Project Tracker allows you to track and invoice your work-time automatically. No more forgetting how long you worked on a client’s project. Simply activate your project, do you work, and stop the timer when you’re done. Your time is logged for you! Then send an invoice that includes a PayPal button to your client. It’s so easy!

The Big Stuff

  1. Automatically track your projects’ work-time
  2. Invoice your clients and include a PayPal option
  3. Customize invoice templates to meet your needs
  4. iPhone compatibility


  • Track and edit a project work-time online
  • Add comments to your projects
  • Assign a client to each project
  • Create and send invoices based on the project’s hourly rate or a customized amount
  • Include a PayPal button on invoices
  • Receive automatic updates on the payment status of your invoices
  • Customize your invoices with easy templating
  • Easy as pie installation, one-click!
  • iPhone integration – view projects and track time on your phone
  • Mini time-tracker – pop out a project’s time-tracker without loading the entire website
  • Three CSS themes – light blue, green, blue grey
  • Change the username and password within the application, not the code
  • Export comma-delimited client projects and the time logs
  • Ajax generated content can be turned off, or will automatically be off if javascript is off. So it will work better with screen readers.
  • Endless customization options – All the PHP files are commented, so you can easily customize the Simple Client-Project Tracker to meet your needs.


  • MySQL 4.0 or Greater
  • PHP 4.3 or Greater
  • A web server (website)
  • The ability to create a database
  • A text editor to change the configuration file
  • The desire to easily track and invoice your clients’ projects
  • A PayPal account, if you choose to include a PayPal button on invoices


Here is the live demo where you can see what you’ll get (login is included). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or additional features you want added.


  • 1.3 This version fixes a few install bugs that have been found recently.
  • 1.5 Fixes a bug where the Edit Client popup wasn’t redirecting on ajax save. (thanks @getzger)

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22 August 09

Last Update:

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, Firefox

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, MySQL 4.x, MySQL 5.x


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