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Tennis Review

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Tennis Review lets you easily add a tennis review inside your posts.

Plugin Features

  • Tennis review make use of the WordPress meta box feature and the WordPress shortcode feature to generate a tennis review box inside your posts.
  • The tennis review box has a fixed width of 300 pixel and in terms of css is displayed as a float element inside your post.
  • Is suitable both for singles and doubles matches.
  • You can enter the match stats, if you don’t have a match stat simply don’t enter that stat and the plugin will automatically avoid displaying that stat. If you don’t have any stat you can display only the tennis court with players without the stats tab.
  • If the available stats are not enough for you can create your custom stats.
  • The layout generated by the Tennis Review plugin is completely customizable in terms of style ( tennis court color, stats font color, stats background color, font family ) and in terms of content. ( each stat name can be translated in our language, ex: If you are italian like me you can translate “Double faults” to “Doppi Falli” etc. )

Quick Start

  1. Upload the Tennis Review plugin to your blog and activate it.
  2. Click on the Tennis Review menu, here you can set the plugin options ( you can find below the list of options ).
  3. Create a new post or edit an existing post.
  4. Activate the Tennis Review meta box on the top of the screen.
  5. Add the players and enter the match stats. ( as i said above there are no mandatory stats )
  6. Add the Tennis Review box inside the post by using the [tennis-review] shortcode.
  7. Save and publish your work and visit the post to see the result.

Available Options

  • Tennis Court Color. ( RGB )
  • Font Color. ( RGB )
  • Stats Background Color. ( RGB )
  • Font Family.
  • Score set 1 alternative text.
  • Score set 2 alternative text.
  • Score set 3 alternative text.
  • Score set 4 alternative text.
  • Score set 5 alternative text.
  • Total Points alternative text.
  • Service Points alternative text.
  • Return Points alternative text.
  • Break Points alternative text.
  • 1st Serves alternative text.
  • Double Faults alternative text.
  • Aces alternative text.
  • Custom stat 1 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 2 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 3 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 4 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 5 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 6 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 7 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 8 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 9 alternative text.
  • Custom stat 10 alternative text.

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1 March 13

Last Update:
14 March 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.5

High Resolution:

Files Included:
CSS, PHP, Layered PNG


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