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WordPress / Interface Elements

Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin

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Team Showcase - Wordpress Plugin - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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With this plugin you can display a set of pictures and information in different layouts. The main purpose of the plugin is to display team/staff members, but it can be used for other purposes.

Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v4.2!

It’s perfect to display the members of your staff, team or working force, even divided by categories or groups! You can also use it to display testimonials or other kinds of content that require an image and text!

You can display the entries in 4 different main ways


The members will display in a responsive grid with the number of columns you set and with the information to the right, left or below the image, depending on your settings.

Joseph McKinnon Finance Analyst Tiffany Matlock Finance Analyst 000 Lorene Spencer Finance Analyst


The members will display also in a responsive grid, but the information will display when you hover the image.

Brian Travis Web Designer Los Angeles. Cahforna


A simple responsive table layout to display the members in a simple way.

Mildred Merun Designer Budapest. Hungary brian Travis Web Designer Los Angeles. Californa Robert Levine Designer Sacramento,


The thumbnails of the members pictures will display smaller and on click the bigger picture and information will display in a designated area. Very similar to a gallery functionality where you can navigate the content clicking on the small thumbnails.

J3i Copy Writer Berlin. Germany Margaret Foote

You can customize and enhance the layout, with several layout options and pre-built styles.

Number of Columns

In the grid layouts you can choose how many columns you want to display. The Columns will be responsive and adapt in different screen sizes.

Image Shapes and effects

You will be able to choose if you want the images to display with squared corners, rounded corners or even circular shaped! In addition you can give them extra styles, like grayscale, image borders and shadow styles.


Text Align

Simple text alignment options: center, right of left.


In the layouts where this option applies, you’ll be able to choose if the image will be above, to the right or to the left of the content.

JQuery Category Filter

On the Grid and Hover Grid layouts you’ll have the option to activate and display a Jquery Groups filter! You can display all your members and in one click your visitors will be able to filter out a selected category!

See a Live Example!

All Design Finance Human Resources Marketing Sales Team Support iii


In addition to the options above, you can choose a preset combination of options.


Mildred Martin DesiEn Bucapest. Hungry Brian Travis Web Designer Los Angeles. Calif cmcleirajlft 0000 Mildred Martin Designer Budapest Hungary Designer Budapest. Hungary A. Brian Travis Web Designer Los Angeles, Californa 0000 BRIAN TRAVIS Web Designer Los Angeles. Californa Robert Levine ROBERT LEVINE Designer Sacramento. Robert Levine Designer Sacramen Designer Sacramento. 0000 MILDRED MARTIN 0000 0000

Future versions of the plugin will probably include more built-in styles and themes!

Filter by categories

You can group your entries by categories and display only a selected category or all of them! This way you can even have a list of your team/staff members by position or departments.

Drag & Drop Re-Ordering!

When viewing the member entries archive, you can activate the Drag & Drop Ordering to easily change the order of the entries!

Maila Garcia 2O13I1O Pubhsh JeriyL6aca Juan Swain 2O136I1O Edit Quick Edit Trash View Published Mildred Martin 2O13O6t1O Pubhshd

Single Pages for each entry!

You can choose if you want the entries to have a single page active or not! If you have the single page activated, you can choose if the entries in the layout will have a link to this single page or not!

Widget Ready!

The shortcode will work on widgets! Just copy the shortcode and include it in a text widget and the chosen layout will display in the widget!

Shortcode and PHP Function Generator!

It couldn’t be more easy to generate the necessary code to display the entries. Just go to the Shortcode generator, choose the settings you want and the shortcode and the php function that you can use will be generated and ready to copy and paste where you want! Shortcodes are to be used in posts, pages and widgets, while the php function will be necessary if you want to hard code the team showcase layout in your theme files.

The generator will make a preview of how the layout looks with the selected settings.

Team Showcase New Howdy. cmoiwa frPosts Shortcode Generator Uedla Pages Comments Team Ada New Member Groups Sbodcode Generator Settings Appearance Plugins Users Tools SettIngs Telephone Jane Jones S.les Agent 000 Jerry Baca Costume, Joseph Uckinnon Finance Analyst Orowe exarmies read nre abi.1 snoilcode eptons the onWw documenaton otllre cL.n learn Shortcode Use this shoricode sp4ay 1st logos you posts pagesl Just copy this piece test and place where you want 1110 display. als PHP Function Use this funcbon display the list logos directly your theme 7php ecio Preview Aflentlon This pr.vew only. The visual. might differ alter applying the shortcode tunctoon your theme clue extra styling rules that your Theme might have the available space.

Input fields for specific content

Free HTML Short blo fag line. Might used when listing members with short Job The job description, position functions this member Contact email for this member. Might visible public riginfA dress this member. Might visible public Telephone contact. Might visible public. User Associated tins member associated with user account select here. Might published posts the single member page Personal URL. personal website. Might visible public. When adding a new entry, you’ll have new fields for specific content. By default this fields are:
  • Free HTML – A text area where you can include HTML content. Can be used for example to include content that doesn’t fit the other input fields, or simply to place longer content like a tag line for the user.
  • Job Title – Name of the position of the team member, or department definition.
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Location
  • Personal Website
  • Social Networks links (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Linkedin, Youtube and Vimeo)

Advanced users are able to change this definitions, by changing the labels in a settings php file.

Custom Feature Name!

You don’t like this feature to be called ‘Members’? Go in the plugin settings and change it to whatever you want!

Feature Names mter SngUI3r Name Team Plural Name GroUPS ategO1Y S1u9 team eChangeSJ

Default Image sizes

You can change the default size of your images on the settings. This way, when you upload new images they will be resized to the specified dimensions.

Single Page Settings

When can choose if the single page feature will be active or not and what information you want to display on it! If your team member entry is connected with a wordpress user, you can display the latest posts, for example!

Other Settings

Other settings include the social icons size and shape and also if the email information has the mailto:email format or not.

Multi-use! Be creative!

Although this was built to better serve as a simple way to display team or staff member in your wordpress website, you can use it for other purposes! If you have a problem that requires a plugin that will display a list of images together with information, this plugin can be useful! You can for example create a list of products or services!

Updates Log

How to update this plugin? – Read the FAQ

- Version 1.4.3 – April 2nd 2015
 - Added option for social nofollow links - New link option - link to full image (works good with lightbox plugins) - Visual Composer Fix - option for image shape on single page - updated bxslider version 
- Version 1.4 – February 13th 2015
 - Improved code in single pages - Added 'People' rich snippets markup - Fixed small syntax bugs 
- Version 1.3.9 – January 20th 2015
 - CSS bug on Safari fixed - New tel: links option 
- Version 1.3.8 – December 11th 2014
 - New Feature: 'Remember Shortcode Settings' - New option in shortcode generator: exclude ids - Updated fontAwesome version - Added anchor text for personal url field option - Small bugs solved 
- Version 1.3.7 – September 24th 2014
 - drag & drop code updated - small improvement to 'order by last name' option - added 'children' support for filter navigation menu (dropdown) 
- Version 1.3.6 – September 6th 2014
 - search message bug fixed - small css improvements 
- Version 1.3.5 – June 27th 2014
 - Font icon bug fix 
- Version 1.3.4 – June 15th 2014
 - Added option to choose single page theme template 
- Version 1.3.3 – May 26th 2014
 - Added custom css option field - Added option to orderby last word (last name) - Slider code updated (bxslider version) 
- Version 1.3 – April 14th 2014
 - Fontawesome Social Icons (retina ready) - Pagination option - New single page link options 
- Version 1.2.7 -March 24th 2014
 Fontawesome version updated 
- Version 1.2.6 – February 4th 2014
 Filter Categories ordered by slug Alt image attribute fix Small settings page fix 
- Version 1.2.4 – December 10th 2013
 New admin Menu Icon (WordPress 3.8 compatible) Admin screen now displays all entries (easier to drag&drop) 
- Version 1.2.2 – November 5th 2013
 Added Search Widget and Shortcode; Added Filter option to Thumbnails Pager layout; Possibility to select multiple categories to display; 
- Version 1.2.1 – October 3rd 2013
 Small jQuery improvement for the Thumbnails Pager layout 
- Version 1.2 – September 23rd 2013
 Added IDs filter in Shortcode Generator - Ability to select specific members to display Added Instagram Icon 
- Version 1.1 – July 2nd 2013
 CSS changes, Font-Awesome update New Drag & Drop Ordering feature New jQuery Category Filter for selected Layouts Default Image for table layout and hover grid layout Added email icon to Social Links Email html enconde to prevent spam bots to grab email 
Version 1.0 – June 14th 2013
Initial Release


The plugin uses the awesome bxSlider to build the thumbnails pager layout and the Font Awesome Icons to display the small icons. Demo pictures by ollyi, from PhotoDune. Drag & Drop ordering feature inspired by Jake Goldman.

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14 June 13

Last Update:
2 April 15

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0, WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4


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