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Tatrabanka CardPay - Opencart Plugin

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Tatrabanka CardPay - Opencart Plugin - Item for Sale


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This plugin add the ability to pay with credit card via CardPay payment gateway from the bank-company Tatra banka.

Security guaranteed by 3-D Secure technology. In the transaction process the card holder uses identification with their 3-D Secure password. 3-D Secure technology has been developed and is supported by Visa and MasterCard companies. 3-D Secure technology guarantees protection for the merchant if a card not included in the 3-D Secure programme is used.


Install is very easy, you must copy one directory included files to your OpenCart, go to your admin area and click on the Extensions -> Payments menu.

On this page, you will find a list of all the available payment methods that are available in your store. Select CardPay – Tatrabanka and click on the Install link next to it.

Once the payment module is installed successfully, an Edit link will appear next to the payment module. Click on it to go to the configuration page of the payment method.

You must have a contract with Tatra banka (, which will give you the secret information that you need to add to the configuration.

Fill in all the required information in order to make the chosen payment method work. Once you’re done, hit the Save button and you’ll start accepting money through the CardPay.


CardPay supports the following credit cards: - VISA - VISA Electron - MasterCard - Diners Club.

Tested on version 1.5.3+ including the newest version. Maybe it’s working with older versions but functionality isn’t guaranteed.

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2 November 12

Last Update:
19 June 13

Software Version:
OpenCart 1.5.x, OpenCart 1.5.5, OpenCart 1.5.4, OpenCart 1.5

High Resolution:

Files Included:


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