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Talk to Us contact form Speech Recognition

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Talk to Us contact form Speech Recognition - Item for Sale


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Talk to us contact form + Google Speech Recognition buttons

Talk to Us Contact form + Google Speech Recognition API
is an easy to use and easy to install contact form with a spam protection timer.


click on usage.html OR follow the next 3 simple steps!

1. open in the folder mailform/ e-config.php and fill in your email address
set the spam protection timer and language!

2. upload the folder mailform/ to the root of your domain

3. just copy the code from usage.html or the readme.txt file and paste the iframe code in

your page.


2 versions
iframe code twitter bootstrap
iframe code clean HTML


+ Afrikaans af
+ Basque eu
+ Bulgarian bg
+ Catalan ca
+ Arabic (Egypt) ar-EG
+ Arabic (Jordan) ar-JO
+ Arabic (Kuwait) ar-KW
+ Arabic (Lebanon) ar-LB
+ Arabic (Qatar) ar-QA
+ Arabic (UAE) ar-AE
+ Arabic (Morocco) ar-MA
+ Arabic (Iraq) ar-IQ
+ Arabic (Algeria) ar-DZ
+ Arabic (Bahrain) ar-BH
+ Arabic (Lybia) ar-LY
+ Arabic (Oman) ar-OM
+ Arabic (Saudi Arabia) ar-SA
+ Arabic (Tunisia) ar-TN
+ Arabic (Yemen) ar-YE
+ Czech cs
+ Dutch nl-NL
+ English (Australia) en-AU
+ English (Canada) en-CA
+ English (India) en-IN
+ English (New Zealand) en-NZ
+ English (South Africa) en-ZA
+ English(UK) en-GB
+ English(US) en-US
+ Finnish fi
+ French fr-FR
+ Galician gl
+ German de-DE
+ Hebrew he
+ Hungarian hu
+ Icelandic is
+ Italian it-IT
+ Indonesian id
+ Japanese ja
+ Korean ko
+ Latin la
+ Mandarin Chinese zh-CN
+ Traditional Taiwan zh-TW
+ Simplified China zh-CN
+ Simplified Hong Kong zh-HK
+ Yue Chinese (Traditional Hong Kong) zh-yue
+ Malaysian ms-MY
+ Norwegian no-NO
+ Polish pl
+ Pig Latin xx-piglatin
+ Portuguese pt-PT
+ Portuguese (brasil) pt-BR
+ Romanian ro-RO
+ Russian ru
+ Serbian sr-SP
+ Slovak sk
+ Spanish (Argentina) es-AR
+ Spanish(Bolivia) es-BO
+ Spanish( Chile) es-CL
+ Spanish (Colombia) es-CO
+ Spanish(Costa Rica) es-CR
+ Spanish(Dominican Republic) es-DO
+ Spanish(Ecuador) es-EC
+ Spanish(El Salvador) es-SV
+ Spanish(Guatemala) es-GT
+ Spanish(Honduras) es-HN
+ Spanish(Mexico) es-MX
+ Spanish(Nicaragua) es-NI
+ Spanish(Panama) es-PA
+ Spanish(Paraguay) es-PY
+ Spanish(Peru) es-PE
+ Spanish(Puerto Rico) es-PR
+ Spanish(Spain) es-ES
+ Spanish(US) es-US
+ Spanish(Uruguay) es-UY
+ Spanish(Venezuela) es-VE
+ Swedish sv-SE
+ Turkish tr
+ Zulu zu


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3 June 13

Last Update:
3 June 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x

Files Included:


bootstrap, contact form, google speech recognition api, html, iframe, php, talk to us