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Store Locator in App

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Store Locator in App - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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iOS Xcode Create your Store Locator Application for iPhone. Add your stores phpMyAdmin and automatically appear your iPhone App. Very Simple! and Designed Open D.caon flOR LOCATOR

Store Locator In App

With this project, you can create an application that allows you to make a list of your shops, restaurants, pubs etc..
You can add a MySQL database and store automatically appear in the application.
You can add the location of the stores, automatically, order the ones closest to your current location.
You can calculate the route from your current location, you can call the store with one click.
And then there’s the map showing the shops around you.
You can search with keywords and you can refresh the list with the most modern “Pull to Refresh iOS 6”.
It is a modern design, created with the latest version of XCode in iOS 6.

I decided to develop as an example, a list of sushi shops, to give an idea of possible use.?

With this project, you will learn to:

- Create a slideshow with UIImage and UIScollView.
- Manage animation of objects to click.

- Paste data from server.
- Create custom cells.
- Search the contents of the cells.
- Order the cells by distance.
- View a map and create an Annotation with their coordinates.
- Call with one click.
- Directions with 1 click.

- Display all records in a single map.
- Center the map based on your current location.
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Horn. S4of All this information can updated dynamically. Carrier Store Caserta Store Caserta Piazza Ganbaldi. Napob 21344234234 Distance from 476525 The details. details you can view the map, you can call and calculate the route. NapI.S To.e Annunhat 5.errio
Map The map shows the current location and all the places around it. The map interactive. the click information displayed. Map 0Mil Goa SLOVtPIA CROAT BOSNIA AND Store Ban 487772.Irl Rome Naples 0Messna Catana Kalit Legg0 0SusaI

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28 September 12

Last Update:
6 October 13

Files Included:
.h,.m,.pch,.xib/.nib, Layered PNG

Software Version:
iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0


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