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HTML5 / 3D

STL3D Viewer

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STL3D Viewer - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Intended Audience

Printed 3D products marketplace like ShapeWays for instance. This is a point-of-sale plugin for your customers to examine the 3D object before they hit “add to cart”. The STL file and the meta-information come from the server-side. See “Un-intended audience” at the very bottom, for further clarification.


  • Supports ASCII and Binary STL files.
  • Supports OBJ files (beta).

High definition rendering:

Lightweight 3D Viewer with a Bootstrap based Controller

Box 290 100 Volume Mini Nut for Hobbyists Mini nut. The diamond patterned exterior provides great traction for tightening. Print this using Nylon for lasting durability. Material ABS PLA NYLON for shipping outside USA. Quantity Interact View

3 Instant Rendering Modes



  • Zoom
  • Rotate
  • Pan / Move


  • Free updates forever :-)
  • A Demo page is included for newbies B-)
  • Known issues are dealt with on the Support page

Demo Video

STL3D Viewer

In next release

  • PHP based JSON generator snippet.
  • Official OBJ format support
 UPDATES ======== Dec 2014 : Tested rendering of OBJ format 3D files (beta) Nov 2014 : High Definition 3D rendering Migrated the UI controller to use Bootstrap Translucent interaction tip overlay onMouseHover :) 

Un-intended audience

NO, this is not a browse-and-view-and-upload kind of product. That kind of product will have a significantly different workflow than the one this product is meant for. You are actually looking for 3D Printing Pipeline! Go get it now B-)

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16 October 12

Last Update:
16 November 14

High Resolution:

Compatible Browsers:
Firefox, Chrome

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Software Version:


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