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.NET / Database Abstractions

SQL Helper

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SQL Helper - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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What is SQL Helper?

I’m sharing this with the world because we need another way to access data – don’t you think? Truthfully – I wanted to see if I could flex the C# stuff and run up data access with a single dll and signle line of functions.


  • Fetch data with signle line of functions
  • Fetch data with custome column’s name
  • Fetch data with sorting
  • Fetch data with diffrent type of joins
  • Fetch data with paging
  • SQL error handling
  • Full dll source code – (You can customize as your own way)
  • Development time saving… :)

Demo Code

  • Select All Rows With All function

  • Fetch data with Select function

     dTable.Select("TableName"); dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns"); dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Where"); dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Sort", "SortType"); dTable.Select("TableName", "Columns", "Where", "Sort", "SortType"); 

    Select function is very usefull and it has five overload methods.
    All parameters description is above this function.

  • Fetch data with Where function

     dTable.Where("TableName", "Where"); dTable.Where("TableName", "Where", "Columns"); dTable.Where("TableName", "Where", "Columns", "Sort", "SortType"); 
  • Fetch data with OrderBy function

     dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType"); dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType", "Columns"); dTable.OrderBy("TableName", "Sort", "SortType", "Columns", "Where"); 
  • Fetch data with Paged function

     dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize"); dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns"); dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns",, "Where"); dTable.Paged("TableName", "PageIndex", "PageSize", "Columns",, "Where", "Sort", "SortType"); 

    You can fetch data with paging and you paging result will return with MyResult class.
    PageIndex you require to pass your current page index. which you require to show in list.
    PageSize pass your current page size.


Once again, As I said at the beginning, I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this code. I’ll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the code on CodeCanyon, you might contact me at here. Thanks so much!.

For new features:

Though we will never discourage users from developing solutions that solve their needs, the goals of the SQL Helper are very focused. If you are looking to get new features merged back into the SQL Helper DLL, we highly encourage you to contact me at [email protected] or write comment on my CodeCanyon this product page.


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10 April 12

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.NET 2.0,.NET 3.0,.NET 3.5,.NET 4.0,.NET 4.5


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