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Social Traffic Pop

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Social Traffic Pop - Item for Sale


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Social Traffic Popis finally here! Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 4 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever!Social Traffic Popbuilds on everything that made the original Facebook Traffic Pop such a hit and takes it to the next level.

Demo Video

Check out the demo video here
Note: The demo video is of the WordPress version!

Get the WordPress Version Here!


  • Combined reach of over1.8 BILLION social media accounts.
  • Completelylocks all page usabilityuntil popup is closed or a social action is completed,stays in center of pageas user scrolls!
  • Optionalclose button.
  • Optional advanced close features allow visitors toclose the popup by clicking outside of the popup area or by pressing the escape key.
  • Cookies rememberwhich users have not completed a social action.
  • Like Button Google +1 button, and LinkedIn Share button withindependent URL configurations.
  • Support forbothof Twitters Follow and Tweet buttons.
  • Setup takes literallyseconds!
  • 100% customizableCSS.
  • Configure everything from the beautifulbuilt in settings panel.
  • Set background opacity right from the settings.
  • Optional delay timerallows you to show the popup X number of seconds after page is loaded.
  • Ability to turn off certain buttonsyou do not want to use!
  • Works onall sitesbig and small.
  • Proven to induce more social shares = more traffic & better rankings = more $$$$
  • Now includes 24 configurable options for social media dominance! – Social Traffic Pop is still king.

Make Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter your slave and become a social media slayer over night!


* Version 3.1.0 ( 2/14/2013 )
- Smart Mobile support added
- LinkedIn Support added
- Speed improvements

* Version 3.0.1 ( 10/3/2012 )
- Update to fix Facebook cookie error

* Version 3.0 ( 9/22/2012 )
- Added onClick support - Open STP on click
- Updated CSS for latest FF and Opera versions
- Social Buttons now self center

* Version 2.5 ( 8/15/2012 )
- Fixed Twitter not setting cookie randomly
- Speed improvements through smaller code
- CSS updated

* Version 2.0 - ( 11/7/2011 )
- 10+ new features!
- Choose which buttons to enable / disable
- Google annotation support
- Added support for ALL Google+ sizes
- Added support for ALL Like button layouts
- Facebook Showfaces support
- Added support for manual Twitter counter URL
- Pre-populate Tweet Text in Tweet Button
- Added Tweeted by support
- Added popup delay support
- Popup now stays centered when scrolling

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18 July 11

Last Update:
24 February 13

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS


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