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SmartMail - Web Mail Client for your Smartphone

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SmartMail - Web Mail Client for your Smartphone - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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It’s an simple IMAP WebMailclient especially designed for Smartphones.

SmartMail 1.01 2009-02-26

updated Feb26 SmartMail Mail Clientfo. Download Licence Licence Certificate Get notified email this item updated ra.f Ac,va.Ie INs your nofified

Austria Germany Great Britain USA Australia

New since V1.01: small CSS fix for displaying deleted mails, added new mail icon on every page, added generating of FROM addresses – all updates can be found detailed further down in the changelog

I was searching a while for something like that and unfortunately nothing was the right one for me.
The built-in Mailclient on my Smartphone wasn’t not handy enough.
So I began to program my own mailclient and here it is :)

Tested on Firefox :) and so far on

- Samsung S5230 - LG KU990i - Nokia express (thx to 3ga42adcy32) - HTC P -Touch with Windows Mobile 6.1 (thx to xemmex) - Sony Ericsson K800i (thx to evasive) - Sony Ericsson W995 (thx to evasive)


  • browsing all of your IMAP-folders
  • browse messages in folders with pagination (no problem if you have thousand of mails, like me :) )
  • read single messages (with next/prev buttons)
  • reply to messages (the original massage will be marked as answered)
  • forward messages
  • create new messages
  • delete messages
  • undelete messages
  • ...


php 5.x

Please download, configure and run servercheck.php to ensure that your server is able to run SmartServer


  • SmartMail supports mutli languages english and german is equipped
  • it’s possible to add new languages by copying one of the language files and edit the copied file


Short URL for your mobile:
Smartphone simulating URL:
user: smartmail
pass: codecanyon
the mail address is [email protected]

Current VersionSmartMail 1.01 2010-02-26

Update information are included

Updates V1.01 2010-02-26

> -> fixed CSS to display deleted messages
> -> build FROM mail address from username or username & mailserver when writing new messages
> -> added possibility to define maildomain for helping to pre-filling-out FROM mailaddress when writing new messages
> -> added new message icon on message list views

Official Release V1.0 2010-02-25

> -> first version released

Visitors since March 21st 2010 2,94O I662 1384 l382 349 264 1,O58 571 EI382 5I379 281 2O3 15215 FLAG

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26 February 10

Last Update:

Files Included:

Software Version:
iOS 3.1, iOS 4.1, iOS 4.2, iOS 4.3, Android 1.1, Android 1.5, Android 1.6, Android 2.1, Android 2.2, Android 2.3


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