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Smart Web Fonts Control

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Plugin Information

Smart Web Fonts Control is powerful plugin that can easily add any of the free Google Web Fonts, Adobe Edge Fonts or your own @font-face fonts packages to your website. Plugin allows auto update for fonts, and it can always get latest list of available fonts from Google (requires Google API key) or Adobe. For Google, you can use Google WebFont Loader. You can upload @font-face fonts packages directly with this plugin.

Plugin can work with any theme that is written up to WordPress coding standards, and requires no additional coding to work. All settings and rules set through plugin panels are automatically applied and fonts are automatically added.

Supported Fonts

  • Google Web Fonts with 660 fonts with font list auto-update available.
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts with 502 fonts with font list auto-update available.
  • Local @font-face Fonts with any font you have, plugin supports uploading packages.

Easy to use font managing interface

Comtrtaa fndamenIo U,000000 tAi view Easy to use interface for including fonts, setting up fonts and styling for CSS selectors, and controls that support search through the list of available fonts.

Full CSS selectors styling: box, text, shadows

CuI,tOm Color ruo line HClht otidOS HC4hI Value word SP0d!9 Align Text Olred1o NOt letter SpOdfl9 White spoce Text Not Not Set ipx L!J St4 You can add rules based on the CSS selectors and apply to each selector: font family, style settings (color, size, line height, weight, letter spacing…), box model styling (margins, paddings, borders, border radius…) text and box shadows and custom CSS properties. All that with easy preview of all selector settings. Selector editor supports drag’n’drop to reorder applied rules.
Supported CSS properties
  • Font: family, variant, weight, size, style.
  • Text; color, line height, word and letter spacing, align, decoration, direction, indent, white space, transform.
  • Box Model: background color, padding, margin, outline, border, border-radius, width (min, max), height (min, max), display.
  • Shadows: multiple text and box shadows.

Preview and test all available fonts

Google Web Font Marvel Font Family Marvel IGooceeWebFont Web Font Normal 100 lIahC 400 700 fox jumped Adobe Web Font fox iumned over the Loading and using fonts is only one of the thing plugin can do. You can preview each font in great detail, test different sizes and weights where available and get usage example for each combination.

Edit text and box shadows with many included shadows examples

Edit text and box shadows with many included shadows examples Create complex text and box shadows adding multiple shadow elements with control over color and opacity, position, blur and spread. Plugin has 11 text shadows and 2 box shadows examples included for easy use and modification.

Full integration with WordPress rich text editor

rtjndexer Paprika first post. Edit deletweaks Maiden Ozange agraph Frriweather Notice 1Font tam update for Font famdy for Vlc styI ripons for also updated Notice InformabOn field Integrates into WordPress TinyMCE editor to add font size, font family and font style drop downs. You can enable any font to appear in the drop down for font family, and you can create styles to appear in the styles drop down (for block or inline styling).

Easy integration into themes and plugins

lass swc.thee.twentytwe1ve extrs public function Title, 1h1 public function Themes and plugins can hook into the plugin and add own rules for easier customization. Plugin can detect active theme and load available plugin specific settings theme might have. More details in Theme Integration PDF file included with plugin.

All Main Plugin Features

  • Supports use of Google Webfont Loader for Google Web Fonts.
  • Supports uploading of @font-face fonts packages.
  • Automatic update of the fonts lists for both Google and Adobe Web Fonts.
  • Works with any theme, supports adding of !important property to selector rules.
  • Use all supported font subsets, weights and variants. This varies from font to font.
  • Powerful preview of all fonts with customized colors, text, supported weights and styles.
  • Preview of generated CSS styles for each selector.
  • Predefined, theme and plugins based or custom selectors for full customization.
  • Add selection of Font Family and Size to WordPress TinyMCE text editor.
  • Add Styles menu and create custom styles for WordPress TinyMCE text editor.
  • Easy to use editor for box and text shadows with support for multiple shadows and predefined examples.
  • Tools to export and import plugin settings and fonts selectors.
  • Detects if website uses SSL to modify URL’s to use secure https protocol.

Additional Plugin Features

  • Supports use of 16 standard font stacks or 5 generic families.
  • Direct Themes support: WordPress default themes (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014).
  • Direct Themes support: Several themes by DryThemes.
  • Hooks for integration with any theme or plugin for custom selector rules.
  • Supports WordPress Multisite installations for individual sites.
  • Supports translation and includes POT file.


  • Due to limitations of both WordPress TnyMCE editor and Adobe Web Fonts method of loading, you can’t see preview of Adobe Web Fonts inside the Editor. Once the post is saved and displayed in the frontend, Adobe font you used will show as expected.
  • Setting font and styles for selector rules might not have effect on the front end display if other CSS styles loaded on the page have rules that have higher priority. If the plugin Important properties don’t help, you need to write better selector rules for plugin to use.
  • End result for settings and styles configured by the plugin may be different from preview due to additional influence of the styling of the theme stylesheet, browser or other external factors. Also, not all CSS properties are supported by older browsers.


This plugin is amazing. 5 Stars! One of our best purchases ever. We’ll be purchasing this plugin again and again for every theme that doesn’t already have advanced typography controls.

from user designpoint, full comment here.

This is by far the best WP plugin for managing web fonts that we ever tried. It’s ridiculously easy to integrate @font-face font packages as well.

from user DryThemes, full comment here.

Your plug is to me the best font managing one down here as the UX’s really intuitive…. You’ve created the best font manager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from user sailor1978, full comment here.

Awesome plugin. It’s real dream.

from user vipbox, full comment here.


Version 3.2 / 2014.05.30.
  • Added: show Google fonts category on preview panel
  • Changed: default Google fonts list expanded to 660 fonts
  • Changed: Google font loader updated to version 1.5.4
  • Updated: jQuery Select2 3.4.8
  • Fixed: font family TinyMCE integration in WP 3.9
  • Fixed: minor problems with TinyMCE integration
  • Fixed: minor problems with admin interface
Version 3.1 / 2014.02.11.
  • Added: direct support for Twenty Fourteen WP 3.8 theme
  • Changed: default Google fonts list expanded to 657 fonts
  • Changed: default Google fonts list updated with latest fonts data
  • Fixed: problem with saving some of the plugin settings
  • Fixed: some visual issues for WordPress 3.8
  • Fixed: minor problem with tinymce integration
Full changelog available on plugins home page

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25 March 13

Last Update:
30 May 14

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5, WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


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