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.NET / Social Networking

Smart Social Share

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Smart Social Share Control is a simple control to integrate in your application. You can easily integrate this control in your application by our help file. You need do nothing after use the control as it will auto take your page url and page tile and send the social networking site which you select. Twitter use short url so we use short url BitlyApi. You can show your site twitter status and face book status with our twitter button and face book like button. Now you can customize your share control form configuration page.

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Features / What you get
* Easy to integrate to your application
* Url Shorten api integrated
* Share all common famous site.
* Nice share control
* Pop up share button for your site.
* Java script and css auto added in your page no need to maintain extra in your page
* Twitter tweet button with language change option
* Face book like button with all the options


Smart Share ControlUse this in your page

<%@ Register Src="~/Control/SmartShare/ucSmartShare.ascx" TagName="SmartShare" 
TagPrefix="ucSmartShare" %>

And Use this in your desire location to render the control.
<ucSmartShare:SmartShare ID="SmartShare2" ShortUrl="true" runat="server" />
And Use this in your desire location to render the control.
<ucPopUpShareButton:PopUpShareButton ID="PopUpShareButton1" runat="server" ShortUrl="true" />


Use this in your page
<%@ Register Src="~/Control/SmartShare/ucPopUpShareButton.ascx" TagName="PopUpShareButton" 
TagPrefix="ucPopUpShareButton" %>
Simple share controlDeclare in page header
<%@ Register Src="~/Control/SimpleShare/SmartSimpleShare.ascx" TagName="SmartSimpleShare" 
TagPrefix="sm" %>
Use this in your page
 <sm:SmartSimpleShare ID="SmartSimpleShare"  Digg="true" Facebook ="true" 
 Delicious ="true" Reddit="true" Feedburner ="true" 
 LinkedIn ="true" RssFeed="true" Stumbleupon="true" 
 RssFeedUrl=""    runat="server" />

Who is this script for?Smart Social Share control is ideal for anyone want to give use to share there site url by social networking with easy for there application.
Configuration video Bitly Api video

Please update your version with this version.Update v1.1

1. And fixed Bitly api key with user name. So that you can use this if you do not want to use your own key.

2. Add Variable so that we can make the ShortUrl method true or false. Update v1.2 In this version we fixed some error in some bookmark url.

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12 February 11

Last Update:
29 March 11

Compatible Browsers:
IE7, IE8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome 4, Chrome 5

Software Version:
.NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, jQuery

Files Included:
Active Server Control ASCX, Active Server Page ASPX, C# CS, XML, JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Keywords control, bookmark, facebook, simple share, social networking, twitter