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SlidroGallery The Stacked Draggable Gallery/Slider

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SlidroGallery The Stacked Draggable Gallery/Slider - Item for Sale


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This is a Stacked Gallery Plugin, with Tons of features and options, which allows you to customize it to fit your website. The Live Preview is not available for security reasons, however there is a Video Preview that demonstrates most of the features of the SlidroGallery. The features are listed below


  • Can work as a perfect Slider!
  • Enable/Disable Slider Feature.
  • Enable/Disable Drag and Drop Feature.
  • Enable/Disable PrettyPhoto Viewer.
  • Supports Embeded Videos.
  • Can accept any number of pictures/videos.
  • Enable/Disable Random positioning.
  • Enable/Disable Overlay Dark layer when idle.
  • Enable/Disable Reverse Direction Navigation (from the bottom of the stack to the top).
  • Enable/Disable Borders/ adjust Border size/color.
  • Enable/Disable Round Cornered Edges.
  • Enable/Disable Shadows/ adjust shadow color.
  • Set Captions by just writing it as (alt) attribute for the image!
  • Enable/Disable Swap on click Feature.
  • Adjust Slider Direction (can be set as random)/ TimeOut/ Initial State!
  • Adjust Caption Font Size/ Color.
  • Set Width/Height for the images/ and for the whole container.
  • Set the background color/ image for the whole container, just from the Options!
  • Adjust Animation speed.
  • Different Navigation icons Styles/ You can even add your custom Icons Just from the Options!
  • Enable/Disable Horizontal Navigation.
  • Enable/Disable Vertical Navigation.
  • Set the Float Property of the gallery just from the Options.
  • Supports FullScreen Mode!
  • Set the Desired Easing Effects for more realistic animations.
  • Adjust the Navigation buttons Distance.
  • It can really fit all your needs.

Update V1.1 on 11/6/2011

ability to separate thumbnail pictures (small and faster to load) from the original sized ones, such that the thumbnails are to be loaded with the page, while the original ones to be preloaded with prettyphoto activation. Otherwise, you can still assign the same picture directly to work both as thumbnail and the original one.

Note: the video preview has low FPS due to limitations on the video stream quality and size. But The Plugin runs smoothly without problems.

I really hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment and rate. and contact me if there is any issue, and i will be always ready to help.

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9 June 11

Last Update:
12 June 11

Compatible Browsers:
IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome 4, Chrome 5

Software Version:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, Layered PNG


SlidroGallery, customizable, drag, drag and drop, drop, gallery, prettyphoto, slider, stack, stackable, stacked