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SimpleCodeLoginSystem - Mobile Payments Built-In

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SimpleCodeLoginSystem - Mobile Payments Built-In - Item for Sale


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NB! No updates for this item after 2.08.2012

Allow or deny access to your web page/content. Free or fee based. Mobile payments integrated.

If you look for a log-in or site blocking script which is easy to implement, adjustable via control panel, easy to add custom themes, requires zero programming knowledge, runs without a database then you found it. It’s right here!

You can use this script to provide access to the membership site, to the online games, to the download web-sites and etc.

Once the script is installed, instead of your web-page a box appears and asks for the code. After right code your webpage will be shown.

The user stays logged in until the session expires, or until the user closes the browser. After that, the code will be asked again.

On the Live Demo hit the bottom-right corner of codebox, to see Admin Panel.

User:admin Pass:admin1


  • Average 1-2 minutes to upload/install(tested over 3G)
  • Free and paid opt-in solutions.
  • Integrated payments with Fortumo mobile widget(easy to set up).
  • User signs up and receives the access code.
  • Each code has an expiry date.
  • Codes still can be supplied by Admin, free of charge, when the system is set for paid registration.
  • Automatic deletion of obsolete codes.
  • Includes two themes for user-end (light and dark)
  • Separate CSS files for user-end (commented).
  • Change between user-end styles from Admin Panel.
  • Fully valid HTML5
  • New updates and news from developer are availiable through the Admin Panel.
  • No database and no programming needed.
  • No need to touch the code.


  • Simple FTP upload
  • Web site index file must be index.php, a PHP file
  • PHP5 (not tested on earlier versions)
  • htaccess file support
  • Fortumo Mobile payment widget(optional), works without that
  • Make the World a better place:)No kidding btw!

Here in Code Canyon demo preview the Mobile Payments feature is disabled.
You can see a live sampleHERE, where the payment feature is turned on and Login System installed over WordPress.

NB! But please, do not make a payment, you’ll be charged. It’s
avaliable for preview purpose only.

Upcoming updates

More CSS based themes. March 2012
Users management from Admin Panel. April 2012

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11 February 12

Last Update:
17 February 12

Compatible Browsers:
IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

Software Version:
PHP 5.x, jQuery

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, CSS, PHP


admin, code, control, form, jquery, login, mobile, panel, payment, php, protect, simple, site, web