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Simple Standalone Autoblog

— Add-On to

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Simple Standalone Autoblog - CodeCanyon Item for Sale


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Autoblog – Plain and Simple

Tired of setting up other scripts just to use them as autoblogs? Want to set up your own news reader site or mass news site? Simple standalone auto blog is exactly what you are looking for!

Update 11-18-2013

  • Fixed some admin display issues
  • Added encoding to allow any non English character into the database
  • Updated crons to new character encoding

Update 11-6-2013

  • Patched Security hole in search
  • Updated htaccess for 404 support
  • Fixed scroll pagination bugs

Update 9/26/13

  • The great scroll pagination update (See our demo)
  • Redid the whole scroll pagination
  • Fixed some styling issues with scroll pagination
  • Added missing file to scroll pagination admin
  • Fixed cron issues in scroll pagination

Update 9/15/13

Added support for servers that use multiviews in rewrite (This should fix all article 404 errors)

Fixed 404 page link errors with search, and articles

Fixed search not loading new results in PHP pagination

Fixed adsense code insertion for the advertising system

Fixed scroll pagination bar from showing over the content until it loads

Update 8/23/13

  • You can now post your own articles!
  • Fixed issues with dashes in some titles
  • Fixed SEO title displaying correctly
  • Fixed more admin cron issues with all crons. Main automatic cron is fixed as well as some more string replace issues
  • Fixed an issue with non english characters showing up as question marks
  • Fixed overlapping issue with scroll pagination

Update 7/19/2013

2.1.2 Release!
Added multi delete to manage articles
Improved all crons, and fixed main cron issues
Brought admin in line with upcoming youtube and autopost to twitter pulugins!

Update 7/11/2013

2.1 bug fixes
Fixed an error with infinite pagination links
Improved infinite pagination
If you are using infinite pagination just update the files.

Update 7/5/2013

Added PHP pagination (Scroll pagination available also in same package)
Added ad manager to admin panel (Choose between random adds in article browse, or ads on article pages!)
Image ad with custom link, or code ad (for google ads, etc)
Lots of fixes!

Update 7/3/2013

Fixed admin cron issues where periods in the title would cause a 404 error
Added rss.php which will give the site its own rss feed
Small fixes with automatic cron
**We are working on an admin ad system and it will be released in the next couple of days

Featured packed script includes

Can parse any rss feed
Automatically gets images from feed description
Infinite Pagination
Infinite categories
Uses social share and Facebook comment system
Single, Mutli or auto update
Upload your own cover images
Rewrite titles on the fly
Pretty SEO urls
Super Popular Masonry Layout
And much more, you got to see the demo to see how much this small script packs in!

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3 July 13

Last Update:
20 November 13

High Resolution:

Files Included:
JavaScript JS, XML, CSS, PHP

Software Version:
PHP 5.x


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